Young Georgian artists auditioned for ‘sold’


At least a dozen Georgia-based Bhutanese girls have given the audition for the character “Lakshmi” in the movie “sold”, which will be reportedly directed by Oscar-winner, Jeffrey D. Brown and produced by Jane Charles.

The production team that has already auditioned at least 500 girls between the ages of 11-13 across the globe fared their audition with the young Bhutanese artists in Atlanta, GA on Tuesday.

Director of the film (second from left in the front row) and Producer (third from the left in front row) pose with participants.

Deepak Gazmer from Bhutanese Art and Cultural Center, Georgia Chapter and Santosh Ramdam from Atlanta facilitated the audition.

According to community volunteer, BM Rai, in Atlanta, the director and the producer expressed their gratitude to young Bhutanese artists for their efforts to participate in the audition.

Responding to a query of BNS, Rhea Sharma, who participated in the audition, said that she was very confident and excited to be part of the audition. “We got a good opportunity,” said Sharma, adding- “I wasn’t nervous”.

It is reported that once the character  “Lakshmi” is decided, the film shooting will take place in India—both in the Himalayas and Mumbai beginning November this year.

The story in the movie is from noble “Sold” by Patricia McCormick. It is about a young Nepali Girl, who is sold and enslaved, who yet manages to free herself from the bondage and later stepped into rescuing other girls like her.

With joint inputs from Deepak Gajmeer, Santosh Ramdam and BM Rai from Atlanta.


  1. It’s a good news as well questions of worry.
    Don’t be too excited before anything is being done. Let’s get used to with praising the good result than praising the beginning of work.
    Anyway congratulation.