Yoga, Rekhi becoming popular among exiled Bhutanese in camps


A building aimed at providing various yoga classes based on mini matrix was inaugurated in Beldangi-II, Saturday.

Dr Rai reading the banner text after inaugurating the yoga building (Picture : Vidhyapati Mishra)

Speaking at the program on Saturday, chief guest and Chairman of the Bhutanese Refugee Representative Repatriation Committee Dr Bhampa Rai said the building would provide useful classes and train youths in the camps.

Constructed by collection donations from among the youths and volunteers in the camps, the hall is said to accommodate at least 200 people, informed Chairman of the Beldangi Yoga Group, Lapen Muktan.

“We have invested around Rs 200,000 for making the building ready,” said Muktan. “However, we still expect some supports from the community in future to operate the classes.”

According to Muktan, around a dozen of paralyzed people have received Rekhi healing and the result was amazing. “Yoga and Rekhi healing are becoming popular among the exiled Bhutanese in camps.”

Meanwhile, a British charity Home is Where the Heart is (HWH) also made a cash donation during the inaugural ceremony.

Audience at the event

Speaking at the event, Jash Justin of the charity said the centre would be a pioneer place for distracted youths in the camps. He also assured additional support in the days to come.

Around 300 people have been receiving classes on yoga and mini matrix prior to the construction of the building.

“We were operating the classes in one of the camp school buildings. We are hopeful that the number will go higher as we have our own building now,” added Muktan.


  1. Good job.This is how we transform society from diseases and negativity to healthiness,positivity and prosperity.We feel happy to hear the continuity of yoya and reiki in Beldangi as we had worked very hard to start the program in the begining.