YOB shows up in Norway Congress


Youth Organization of Bhutan (YOB) has shown its participation as International Guest in a four day General Congress of Norwegian Labour Youth (AUF) that concluded today in Oslo, Norway.

Logo of YOB. Photo/yobonline.org

Rajen Giri, President of YOB, quoted Aakash Budathoki, International Secretary of the organization as informing that he held a meeting with the representatives from Finland and Belgium youth organizations. According to Giri, Budathoki is also scheduled to meet with the Danish Youth (DSU) delegates.

Meanwhile, Budathoki is also scheduled to meet representative from Finnmark Comte in the North and the representative from Vadsø, where Bhutanese are being resettled. It is reportedly learnt that few Bhutanese from the northern Norway are already the member of the AUF and even the mother party.

In a meeting with some former AUF affiliates, Budathoki highlighted the other side of Gross National Happiness. Giri further informed that Budathoki also attended a meeting at the party office of Norwegian Labor Party with various delegates who showed up in the Congress as participants from across the world.


  1. If you have such funds to visit Europe, better pass it to the hungry ones in the camp who never has had good diet and warm clothes and better shelter to live! For how long you trade our innocent people and what are your objectives in politics or social organization? If things need to be clear before representing any public in the name of organization. You all the spliters of innocents youths and public and the making them indecided and making them the victims of your own cause and failures. You know the triks in politics but never the technique to utilise them for the social services….Anyway if needed more to hear pls or make clear do come ahead and declare your Org. full constitutions and objectives….Thanks..