YOB participates in Paraguay youth congress


The Youth Organisation of Bhutan (YOB) participated in a three-day program organised by the World Congress of International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) in Asuncion, capital of Paraguay from April 19.

YOB president Giri

Issuing a press statement, Rajen Giri, President of YOB, mentioned that the congress was organized with broad paradigms where human rights and democracy around the world was a major focus.

“YOB capitalized the august forum to highlight the plights of Bhutanese refugees and briefly reflected the other side of Gross National Happiness (GNH),” reads the press statement.

The statement futher mentions that a brochure reflecting the true side of Bhutan was widely circulated amongst the international delegates, world leaders and His Excellency Fernando Lugo, the president of Paraguay in a brief meet with Giri.

Meanwhile, IUSY congress elected its leadership to run the august youth platform for next two years and adopted the resolutions for its global political manifesto. “It is my privilege to be able to present in the congress to adopt Bhutan in three point’s resolutions,” Giri expressed his happiness.

According the statement the resolutions include a call upon the Government of Bhutan to start repartiation of the exiled citizens, to initiate true political reforms enabling political parties to participate in ongoing democtaric transition and to review the noble concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH) vis-à-vis generation of statelessness of twenty percent of country’s population.

These resolutions will be circulated soon from IUSY head office in Vienna, Austria as IUSY global manifesto, according to the statement.


  1. It’s good for YOB to remain independent. Any party/org that says is an affiliate of BPP is a hara-kiri. The good work done by YOB, though it’s limited to few people, will erase to square one if it (YOB) says that it still is a youth-wing of BPP.