YOB condemns Norway massacre


Expressing deepest condolences to the family of deceased in Norway massacre, the Youth Organization of Bhutan (YOB) has extended its strong solidarity for the Norwegian Labor Youth’s (AUF) to condemn, what it labeled a ‘heinous crime.’

“It was very shocked to learn about the shooting rampage at the AUF’s annual summer youth camp in Utoya, Norway,” reads the statement, adding- “ AUF, the youth wing of incumbent Party in the government is a very good friend of YOB and the Bhutanese movement. AUF has been always supportive to the Bhutanese movement and has been a strong advocate for immigrant’s rights within the Norway.”

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (center), his wife Ingrid Schulerud and the Labour Party's youth leader Eskil Pedersen, who survived the massacre on Friday, added to the mound of flowers left by mourners outside the Oslo Cathedral on Sunday. PHOTO: Views and News from Norway

In 2008 at the AUF’s Congress, YOB was invited as international guest and was attended by Aakash Budathoki and also in 2010 as an international guest Chandra Chhetri from Vadso, Norway had attended the same Youth camp where shooting rampage was occurred.

The statement issued by the YOB President, Rajen Giri, further stated that not only AUF, YOB or Norway lost their cadres or friends, but the whole global youth movement had lost its strong advocators of human rights and freedoms.

A powerful bombing in the capital city Oslo and and an indiscriminate shooting initiated by a 32-year Norwegian youth left 93 individuals killed.

The tragedy has left the country with extreme sorrow. In a God service offered in the name of the deceased in Oslo Cathedral today, a majority of people including the royal family members burst into tears.

Analysts say that the massacre was the biggest national tragedy the peaceful Scandinavian country ever experienced after the World War II.

Reported by Ramesh Gautam from Norway for BNS


  1. Donot bost yourself ur as the president of YOB. You are no more leader. Waht you have contributed to the Bhutanese community within the camp and ouside. We dont want to hear again such statement. You started working hardly to build up your future rather than keeeping the people mandate.

    We dont want any organisation advocation on behalf of any Bhutanese. You might have done in the camp. Now stop doing in the foreign land.
    We donot who you are and what you are doing. we know just your are a refugee from Bhutan only.It would be best to send the condolence on behalf of bhutanese refugee rather than from so called organisation.
    You might have suck the people in the camp stating organisation.You have medium to fly abroad on the name of programmme. What you have contributed to the society. What welfare you have brought to the people on behalf of organisation.Nothing except convention once in a year to blindfold the people.
    Those days are gone .

    Aways from the refugee camp

  2. It would be just personal grief and condolence to the tragic incident in Norway. Is it the only situation to highlight the name of so called YOB or Youth org.of CA man? Why you all wanna fool all of us in diaspora too? YOB was neither active in the camp nor would be. Better server your needy community in the name of or state or local community over there. Thousands of such incidents occurs in the world daily and you come over there with bundle of condolences which is so easy to boas leveling the name of party. You would have built trust and made vast majority if committed something in the bitterest situation back in the camp. Suspension arises when you people make good relation abroad in the name of public and did nothing in the grass root level. I would just finish is by saying “You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time.”

    Jai America!

  3. We the people in US are highly grieved by the very tragic incident in Norway. May the departed soul rest in peace in heaven and fill the bereaved family by the power of Almighty forever!
    God bless Norway!

  4. How you jealous others? You guys are anti-movement of bhutanese issue right? Can you show us… what you did for Bhutanese people. Be grown up and broad-minded…..cheap thinking comments writers

  5. I really apprecaited with the comment given by Binay Giri>
    It would misfortune to stress from organisation views.
    You guys will fighting among the community and die at then end.
    There are none didiucated leadership among refugee group.Self boastism and personal interest oriented leaders. what you would do to innocense people in the diaspora.

  6. Dear Mr.Binay Giri
    Could you explain What you have contributed to the Bhutanese community within the camp and outside ?

  7. Dear Deepak,
    We have denied your comment based on the language that you used in a public domain.


  8. Even though I did not understand a darn thing, I agree with Phuntsok Dorji when he says “It would misfortune to stress from organisation views” and that “There are none didiucated leadership among refugee group.Self boastism and personal interest oriented leaders. what you would do to innocense people in the diaspora.”

    Such self-boastism!

    Seriously, folks want the “leaders” amazing people who transcend all human weaknesses and provide leadership extraordinaire. At the same time, they treat these very leaders like they are dirt. If you want some one to be good, start treating them good. If you want the bucket full of water, fill it with water. Your demands are incongruent with your view of those who run organizations. No mater what they do or not do, they are one step ahead of you. You have the freedom to speak but then there may just be a small responsibility on your part to speak responsibly.

  9. I am unaware of any leaders of youth organisation of Bhutan or Bhutanese refugees. These pseudo leaders do sometimes remember the organisations name because they were here some years before giving false information of the organisations. WE need to excuse them because they do not have visons. You might ask me about my vison but i am clear on it. For example, i need to go to college to earn education. And if someone will ask on this matter, i am resposnsibel for my accountability. Like wise let us ask Mr. Giri on his vision if he is a true leader of Bhutanese youths. Can he show where he went for studies and did he talk on education? Did he do any short of research on Bhutanese Youths? Moreover todays youths are in the land of oppurtanities. Most are intelligent, smart and hardwoking. I believe they can be true leaders for tomorrow. Now this is the time of Quantum Computer and Silicon has to be replaced.

  10. Dear Manoj,
    Are you from Bhutanese refugee camp back in Nepal? Could you please let us know what you did for the Bhutanese in the camps and outside the camps? If you dont mind please write them in chronogical order so that we can make a book for the future generation.
    Eventhough it is tedious to ask such questions but hopefully there might be some logical answers. Also, in your defination of contributions, please make them clear with some reasonings and supportive evident. Thanks

  11. Hello Mr. Rajen Gir, Don’t you feel shame to put the name of YOB? How dare you are do boost yourself? It is the political organization and you are not allowed to boost like that staying in America. What you did for the welfare of Bhutanese back to in Nepal? You were/are a selfish Bhutanese. The Bhutanese people around the world are tire to hear the name of any political organization. Please STOP STOP STOP to advocate the political issues in America. YOU WILL BE IN BIG TROUBLE………………… I strongly support Binay Giri. I agree you and wrote the condolence but don’t use the name of any POLITICAL ORGANIZATION OF BHUTAN. YOU ARE NO MORE BHUTANESE OR NO MORE SOCALLED CHAIRMAN OF PRESIDENT.

  12. dear R Giri ,
    please stop playing the game of politics against the innocent people. the people they themselves called leader are not worthy anymore to the Bhutanese people.you can express your grief from your personal side. You fox stop representing all Bhutanese in every matters. Bhutanese have no idea about Regan Giri and his presidency in YOB.

  13. Dear all commentators,

    Let us not defame each other coflicting on the ideology of human mankinds.No true leader are born ever in the Bhutanese community. They are following hit and trail Method. A person who donot know any value of education has become a Education Minister. A leadership who can suppress a smaller group bhas become leaders.

    Do not follow or go after them you may trap in the cage. Your are born brought up to do something.Start dear doing extra intellectual things to be extra ordinary so that people will remember you.

    you are in open sky for the opprtunities.

  14. Dear Friends that who have strongly urged and supported The YOB’s statement, I would like to say this is a pompous drama in the stage of falsehood. I still remember those selfish and crook so called leaders earn for their own. Their work done is equal to zero. In the name of organisation almost all the leaders travelled to foreign countries and lived a life of gratification where as we youth remained in the camps under extreme pain and sufferings. It is a shameful act to say that we had done this and that being in this era of truism. If the time favors they will be brought to justice through different means…. like making them to realize the saddest part of the camps and ask them to mourn in the name of those who were died due to lack of medicines.
    Wherever you go folks, our ashes will also not forgive u guys for deceiving us.
    Jay Bhutan

  15. Really, you are good in vocab and your way of expressing is well organised, Thanks for that. And writer gets threaten and award simultaneously, So < I could say keep it up. Build up your inner personality.

  16. Mr. Giri,
    You did good from the perspective of your org. Keep doing. Do not go down with few comments.we should keep our long struggle alive,and you did is one of the ways.

    comments are definitely there because things went wrong from leaderships in the past. Also,youths now wants visionary leadership, they can not tolerate stranded politics.Youths in diaspora do not want to listen the same cassette recorded long back.you appeared that even for me.
    Come on! mr.giri.
    Also, are you not confusing people You in YOB and ABA both? Is that ok if people understand BPP,ABA,YOB same.You are the board member of ABA,right?I will be happy if you guys advocate bhutanese movement.I salute if so.

  17. Come on ! Bring out every thing you all have done to Bhutanese community in camps or outside.We the common and innocent people would like to know.

  18. Hello writer & commentators,
    I’ve genuine answers, why we bargain or evaluate negatively in each and every step?
    1.Immaturity – born and bought up in such an environment where broad knowledge of technologies,politics,culture,religion,etc.were not taught practically in life.
    2.Conservative culture- Our culture was and is still so blind that we worship 33 crores of Gods and our faith is so divided that we are cursed and never be one!
    3. Castesisms- Our faith is catagorised amongst different castes which never made unity of trust,brotherhood and broad mindedness.
    4. Independence- Our family is always joint where our younger generation never have an opportunity be an independent and matured with their own ways of living but have to remain within the culture of forefathers.
    5.Undemocratic form of govt…We were were born and raised in autocracy where all were confined to one man policy!
    6.Theoritical knowledge- Our education policy was based only on theory just for passing the exams or upgrading!
    7.Modern facilities- No access to any latest technologies like computer knowledge where we could easily open our eyes by sitting in one corner of the world.
    8.Dirty politics- We were polluted by the dirty politics of South east Asia,esp.Nepal and India
    9.Rule of law- was totally absent.

    There are thousand points that we can put but as we did not response anything/commitment on time,we could not trust anyone nor bring any united mission or program due to lots of scarcities and dirty games…Thanks..
    Hence we need to upgrade and be always positive in any

  19. Dear Rajen,
    It is good to know that you still care for YOB and the President’s Cap suits you fine. You are seriously thoughtful to be at the Norwegian Youth’s side when in need. Indeed, from your article I too could learn that Norway is a long-time friend for Bhutanese youth.
    However, I wonder why you choose to be a hypocrite to address only bilateral political issues. We needed you to be with us when we were rendered ‘homeless’ status after the powerful tornado in MA; we needed you when we lost our loved ones in WA and we need you when Bhutanese Refugees top ‘suicidal’ list among the immigrants in the US. To condemn a shooting-spree is easy like a..b..c.. but to try to tend to reach our people in need basically washes your guilt that I read people write against your article. Come on my boy..better now or never..!!

  20. hello YOB BOSS

    what a hail you bro.It is not a time to give your rascall youth name.Do this youth brings any fruitful aganda for bhutanese community?.DO this youth groups working any socail activites in refugee camp and inside BHUTAN?,It is your good idea to show sympathy for this sorryful time but not show your other teeth.YEs now we all are socked about the sitution in norway not only YOB.

  21. On the human tragedy in Norway, it is really very sad to note that our people are more concern about the organizational attachment of someone rather than expressing their moral support and solidarity to the people to whom serious catastrophe have been occurred. Let’s all forget everything for a moment and lets all join together mentally to pray for peace to the minds and hearts of the people of Norway. Such a ruthless act and heinous crime against innocent human being is highly condemnable anywhere on earth.

    May god bestows enough moral and spiritual strength to the Norwegian people to overcome from such a tragedy & May peace continues to prevail on earth!

  22. Dear valued readers,

    At some point, some of the discussions are on the verge of heading ‘off-the-track’. We kindly request you to remain focused on the subject matter while you shoot comments. Comments, offensive in nature, will not be approved here after. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

    We truly respect and value your attachment with BNS and on the meantime, in return, we do also expect your kind co-operation to make this ‘information dissemination process’ easier, free-from-personal-attack, and healthier in nature.

    Editorial Board
    Bhutan News Service

  23. Hi bhetghat,
    might be you are right to some extent but not an ideal. In my opinion, it is not always good to undermine people and its community where you are within because a subset contains elements of the Union. The reference frame of Bhutanese community has changed. You can view the community from different time frames and frequencies using intergal transform.
    please let me know what are the methods our community can acquire to become more advanced and smart. Please make list of points that can help me as well as our community to grow more prosperous. When there are problems, most of them should have solutions too. Try for solutions and hope many of us will follow you.

  24. Not only YOB, any parties, organizations, and groups formed for a political motive have already lost their credibility should not exist anymore. Where from the hell comes this name again?? We, as a Bhutanese, have brought our traditional and cultural values with us from Nepal & Bhutan and have completed dumped politics back in Nepal. So please no more politics here, no more parties and dirty game in diaspora. Talk about social services, humanitarian aid but without showing your affiliation with political parties and other such allergic organizations. I would also like to request editor not to pick news about these people form whom our community can not get any help and support. Lets bury these ideas and build a new, pure and politics-free communities in the Diaspora.

    Good Luck!
    Valued Reader from Michigan, USA

  25. Whatever whatever…But u guys whoever have commented above including Rajen, Yadu,Narad,etc etc are the fingers of same glove…Ur dream was and is MONEY in the name of Refugees,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  26. Hello Ramji,
    Thanks for going through the comments. Time and situation has deep effect in our lives or 21st century. While we use to memorize in our school and college life that-“We are the builders of nation and tomorrows’ citizen” when back in our country but the very ugly waves of tsunami scattered and collected in the dungeon where we wasted two decades! Refugee was our culture,begging for two cups,fighting fora bag of charcoal,playing cards,drinking and taking unwanted toxic,fighting for bag of rice and generally we wasted our precious lives fighting for two times meals. Our culture,philosophy,routine,duty..whatever we can say was our culture in the limited boundary of the camp. If we were the true,matured,patriotic,determined,cultured,courageous,democratic and wise freedom fighters,we would not still bargain with small things.
    The R

  27. hellow rajen giri,
    You have shown sympathy to those people who died in the shooting in Norway. It is good to show but have you wrote any such sympathy to the boys who died in Washington Seatttle.

    A jack in the group of jackal

  28. After a long evaluation I could say that we are not even fit to give Condolence to the departed souls in Norway. Giri could give condolence on behalf of community where he resides now but he boasted himself as a great leader. Everyone is leader of him/herself but for achieving leadership publicly,one needs to toil and sacrifice something and be well known by his commitment and capacity. Community leaders need commitment but not merely some lectures without any logic. Anyway,Mr.Giri might got lesson from lots of negative comments and deeply unsatisfied commentators relating to his leadership. I can guess that main Guru of Mr.Giri had vanished from the stage as he already tasted the benefits and left for Mr.Giri after certain evaluation that still the people are innocent and accept his self proclaimed leadership.But the time had completely changed than before where every details of any incidents can be heard within a second. I hope that all of us as common people has the same pain,feelings and ideology. Hence lets unite openly and condemn such corrupted leadership for uplifting our younger generations and guiding them in the right ways for building better and prosperous community in the days to come. Thanks.

  29. hellow Bhetghatj,
    I appreciate the facts that you have mentioned in the comments. The true reflection of building possitive attitude is a most in our culture. I agree to become wise rather than to be a mean.Thank you so much for your writing.

  30. Dear YOB Presidents,
    Good time has come for YOB, this should be the ending point and no further you say YOB again and your virtual organisation.
    YOB hasn’t done anything than dirty activities.
    Rajen,you should give up and dissolve this YOB

  31. Dear Editor and Commentators,

    The time has come to make fair judgement to such elements who had has been making the innocent public as a ladder to climb up and sell their names in their selfish motives and much more playing with everyone time and again. Its a very serious cause which affected every victims since two decades and rendered citizenship less or identity less. Every one of the dirty game players,black-mailers, self-proclaimed leaders has to be warned and make them to compensate for the irreparable damage of life and identities and we should be very cautious of such leaders who are rising their heads and making fool of every body. BNS is a great team having good consciense and I do believe that we shall overcome, we shall over come such leaders and save ourselves from repeating again the same pain and sufferings!


  32. “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are”

    John Wooden, Hall of Fame basket ball coach, University of California, LA.

  33. Hello…
    Quite surprised to read so many negative comments.
    1. Any Bhutanese org in exile could have done what Mr. Giri did in this tragic circumstances but not as a sole org (YOB in this case) but on behalf of Bhutanese communities in exile in general would have made better sense of unity and inclusiveness.
    2. It shows lack of Central Leadership and/or guidance from central leadership towards its affiliated orgs for a consistent policy on international campaign and diplomacy.
    3. I am in favor of NOT to carry any organization from Nepal to resettled countries. Draw a line (Laxman Rekha) between the two sides and work from international arena united as one with the past to be recorded as history from which lessons to be learned towards building the foundation for a uniform and consistent international campaign
    4. I am in favor of a new beginning with one single international organization that integrates the main goals of all Bhutanese in exile and their organizations. That was the reason I proposed UBI (United Bhutanese International) for International Campaign of Bhutanese in Exile.

    Does it make any sense to you all???

    Dick Chhetri

  34. Mr. Bhetghat, your explaination reveals the factual things. I am really satisfied with it. But it is bit confusing why our people bargain so much when someone gives a statement on humanitarian ground. Can any one explain, is there any news that carries a condolence of Norwegian massacre? Be it from an individual or any community based organisation! Why should people bark only at Ragen Giri? Could you please look at your own mirror?

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