YFC election concludes


By Arjun Pradhan, Damak

Damak, Feb 1: General elections of Youth Friendly Center (YFC), which functions under Caritas-Nepal’s supervision, completed without any trouble yesterday.

“Youths from 18 to 25 years contested for various posts,” Fr. Peter Jong Lepcha SJ, the program coordinator of YFC told Bhutan News Service, “We successfully concluded our elections in a democratic manner.”

A youth voting during YFC election
A youth voting during YFC election

Youths from camps voted for camp coordinators, a male and a female, for a 16-member-committee of the YFC in every camp.

Even two candidates with physical disabilities were promoted for elections from each camp, according to Fr. Peter.

Besides coordinators, candidates were elected for event, outreach, social issues, arts and music, Peer education, and games and sports among others.

Youths associated with YFC are playing key roles in peace management, volunteering and other social aspects.

The concept of YFC started from 2006 and Caritas Nepal, which looks after education in camps, funds through the UNHCR and supervises its activities.