YFC conducts its 2011 election in camps


The Youth Friendly Centre (YFC) conducted it 2011 elections for various positions in the camp level and central teams.

YFC Program Coordinator Manorath Pokhrel informed Bhutan News Service that 162 representatives to various positions have been elected from the seven camps on Sunday.

Like camp secretary, YFC also elected Kirtiman Rai and Sarada Subba as male and female coordinators for three Beldangi camps.

Meawhile, Buddhi Singh Rai and Khem Kumari Rai from Sanischare, Kashinath Kadel and Mangali Gurung from Goldhap, Sunil Rai and Bhim Maya Gurung from Timai and Sitaram Acharya and Shangye Dolma Tamang from Khudunabari have been elected as YFC Coordinators.

Pokhrel said around 12,000 youths between 18 and 25 from all the camps are affiliated with the YFC.

The YFC was formed in 2006 and has been actively operating in camps with funding from the Caritas Nepal and UN Refugee Agency.

Reported by Tulasi Upreti from Beldangi-I camp for BNS