Yet another suicides in NY


Yet another newly resettled Bhutanese woman Nirmala Niroula, 35, committed suicide in Buffalo, New York yesterday. Dhan Maya Gurung had committed suicide in the same city on August 27, a week after her arrival from Sanischare Camp in Morang Nepal.

Niroula, who was in the Buffalo city since June 2010, from Beldangi-I, Sector D-3 Refugee Camp in Eastern Nepal, was found hanging over the basement of apartment – 538 at the seventh Street, Buffalo City at 9 pm.

It is reported that at around 5 pm, her husband Hari Prasad Niroula had left the apartment for shopping while Nirmal was at home alone.

On returning home after an hour, Hari Prasad could not see her at home. He inquired the nearby relatives’ apartments, yet her whereabouts remained unknown. By the time her three children were out for some works. At 9 pm Hari Prasad and his relatives found her hanging using a piece of cloth.

By the time this report is being prepared, Buffalo Police is investigating the incident and nothing is yet made known for her funeral.

Nirmala is survived by her husband, two sons and one daughter.

Reported by Bhakta Ghimere/BNS from Buffalo