A milestone and two great strides


Bhutan News Service(BNS) has crossed another milestone in the year 2015, registering under Bhutan Media Society(BMS) in February, in the state of New Hampshire. It is the most anticipated outcome of the Pittsburgh convention held in 2013.

A board of directors is formed with eight members currently, most of them being experts in media and journalism, editors, writers and managers from across the globe. BMS is now a non-profit organization with executive body headed by an executive director, supported by editorial team.

BNS reported two crucial rights-based issues faced by Bhutanese in Bhutan and an interview with, Dr. Damber Nirola, the only practicing psychiatrist in the kingdom.

The story of workers in Qatar made a wide impact on foreign employment services, public and private-owned, especially in Thimphu. Kuensel wrote back to BNS inquiring about the sources in Qatar. As a result, those victim workers have now better stories to tell.

The story of Mr. KB Wakhley, former CEO of the Bhutan Electricity Authority, was a challenge to Royal Civil Service Commission’s(RCSC) unjust act of removal from his job. The statement of Wakhley branding RCSC as the most corrupt agency in Bhutan opened a topic of debate in Thimphu. National media and social media joined the lines exposing the degree of nepotism and favoritism inside the esteemed institution RCSC. Transparency International on December 10, 2015 raises questions on the appointment procedure of the chief of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). Coming towards the end of the year, RCSC in Thimphu has indicated the change in working procedures for more fairer business.

BMS is working on some low-key but high impact project, the story of success by young people who have won prestigious scholarships like Gates Millennium scholarship. ‘Back to College’ video series is featuring such successful stars of resettled Bhutanese in the US. Featuring stories that have never been told or heard is another continuous project that BMS has embarked on. Though a challenge considering the cost of travel to different states, BNS team look forward to partner with individuals who are interested in research and writing.

Beginning 2016, BNS shall shift focus to more narrative journalism, featuring more insightful stories of older generation and features specializing on health, education, employment and business of resettled Bhutanese in the US and other countries.

BNS extends warm Happy New Year 2016 wishes to all the invaluable readers around the globe.