World peace event concludes in GA


A religious event aimed at preaching ‘world peace’ and organized by Bhutanese-Nepali Buddhists community in Atlanta, GA from July 27-28 concluded amidst a special closing ceremony.

According to the organizer, the event that was held at Atlanta School for Deaf in Clarkston Georgia was able to garner around 1500 participants, most of them were senior members.

Noted Buddhist philosopher from Nepal, Khenpo Sange Rangjung Rinpoche, offered blessings (wang) to participants and delivered lectures on world peace and Buddhist philosophy. Rinpoche was accompanied by two of his disciples, and 15 Bhutanese Lamas from GA.

LB Gurung, President of the Bhutanese Gurung Society of Georgia, welcomed Rinpoche, guests and participants in the inauguration session.

While, Gopal Samal highlighted objectives of such a program.

Samal said, “Adopting new country does not mean adopting every thing new. It’s possible for all to live the way we used to and we aspire”.

He also claimed such a program granted an opportunity to all Bhutanese Buddhist communities to come together for preaching peace in the world.

Yet, another member of the organizing committee Phurba Lama thanked all volunteers, guests and participants during the closing ceremony.

Meanwhile, the organizing committee also decided to donate US $305 to Punya Foundation for recognizing its initiative to educate vulnerable education.

The donation was a part of individual donations made by participants throughout the program.

(Sarman Samal contributed to this reporting, while all pictures used are by Bishal Gurung.)


  1. This seemed a great event. Well done the organizers. Some few have been fortunate to meet Dalai Lama in Melbourne and Adelaide recently with the audience from diaspora as well as Bhutanese Students.

  2. The heading of the article is catchy; “World peace event”, drawing the attention of the peace seekers and lovers alike, showing the trend of bearing one another. But can such actions of ignorance really bring peace to the world? When dreadful karmic fate awaits to great and small alike, why not seek the way to escape that everlasting woe and wasting away precious time in deliberate neglect of the truth that would save mankind with guarantee of not temporal peace only but also everlasting salvation (Moksha)?
    I am not telling here about the way I mentioned about lest it offend those contented with the vanity fare! Let me however hint that mankind must turn to his maker making peace with Him before breathing the last. Its not for INSULT but few steps forward from this point, realizing the need for true peace in the world by way of conciliating with the truth…