Woman stabbed to death in Jaigoan


A Bhutanese woman residing in the Jaigaon side of Indo -Bhutan border succumbed to death in Phuentsholing hospital after armed men attacked with daggers and khukuris at 11pm Friday.

She was rushed to the hospital by neighbors who saw her lying unconscious bleeding profusely. The woman accompanied by a man was returning to her apartment at around 11pm after visiting a night entertainment pub (drayang) in Phuentsholing. She died at around 3 am Saturday.

The man managed to escape from the scene and informed the Bhutanese police on duty in the border area.

According to the  man’s statement to Jaigaon police there were seven young boys in upper teens who attacked them suddenly. They asked for cell phones and cash which the woman actually refused to give, the kuensel reports.

The jaigaon police is said to have arrested some suspects involved in the incident and sent to detention in Alipurduar