Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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Woman dies after crash in Columbus

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Kala Bhattarai,41,died a day later after she was admitted to OSU hospital on September 22, resulting to crash on Morse Road in Columbus, OH.

Late Kala Bhattarai (Picture courtesy: Columbus Connection's Facebook)
Late Kala Bhattarai (Picture courtesy: Columbus Connection’s Facebook)

Bhattarai was in the rear seat when another car slammed to her car at a crossing. The incident took place around 5:15 am while the deceased and others were riding to their work.

According to an unconfirmed source, her funeral is scheduled tomorrow. According to the source, the Bhattarai family moved from Virginia, originally resettled there from Khudunabari refugee camp, Nepal.

There are five members in the family.

Update: According to a late report obtained from Columbus today, funeral of late Kala Bhattarai took place at Shaw Davis Funeral home around 4:30. She was the only working member in the family, survived by husband Khadka Bhattarai, two sons and a daughter.

Other survivors who were injured in the crash returned home after trauma treatment, says the report.

The family was originally from Neoly Bhutan.


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