Woman commits suicide in New York


In less than two weeks of her resettlement in Buffalo in New York, Dhan Maya Gurung (Poudel) has committed suicide on Friday night.

Late Dhan, 30s. Photo/Indra

Reports received late from Dhan’s sister in Arizona confirmed that she committed suicide in her new temporary house in Buffalo days after her resettlement.

A permanent resident of Chirang district in Bhutan, Dhan moved to New York through resettlement program on August 17.

According to Indra, sister of the deceased, the actual reason behind the suicide is not yet known.

According to our correspondent Bhakta Ghimire in Buffalo, the funeral processing of late Gurung completed today afternoon.

Late Gurung is survived by her husband and two daughters.


  1. Ouch! what a painful,what a distressful and what a heartlamenting incident it is.I wonder why do some of our people commit suicide as soon as they reach the third country. Is there any hidden factor that,intensifies people to be hopeless and visionless,which inturn leads them to encounter with such a fatal insurgency so called “suicide”. The trend of suicide is occassionally appearing in the United States,that makes remaining queued-people in the camps suspicious and discouraged for undergoing resettlement there.Thus,Suicidal incident related to our people in abroad has become a matter of common concern and interest for all of us to look at it from a closer view now. Although,We can”t get back Dhan Maya today but let others like Mon Maya or Harka Bahadur not be the victims of suicide tomorrow. For the same, I hope that,we should now come up as Volunteers to teach the New-Comers about various aspects of opportunities and challenges in any third country.Thus by assisting them,they too will be familiar with the diversity in topography,languages,religoins,customs and cultures in their new living atmosphere.Let such Evils not take life of any Bhutanese hereafter and at last but not the least, I want to extend a heartful condolence to the bereaved family and pray for the departed soul to rest in peace.

    Gurung Hem

  2. This is indeed really a sad news and my deepest sympathy and condolence is always with the bereaved family and all concerned.This sort of incidence in a couple of weeks of resettlement is a bigger matter of concern for me and I hope this is true to all the bhutanese resettled and in the camps equally and to all the rest well wishers.I have already read atleast half a dozen of such case reported and am afraid how many cases remain unreported.Is this not a “suicide syndrome” developed amongst the resettled oweing to the utter frustration they land into as they are drown deep in the sea of the very little known and heard about social,cultural and economical habitat.Is this not time ripen enough to take a serious call by the resettling agencies and rest of NGOs and INGOs??? How many such deaths are we really waiting for to properly diagonise the ‘sickness” and get into the curative measure.More importantly can we not have the agencies to get into the crux of the problem and get into the preventive mode of action. Loss of life is a big big thing for a person like me and I do think the so called humanitarian organisations believe in the same line as I do.
    I would also like to raise a serious concern to the ever boasting bhutanese organisations in the resettled scenario.There was a lot of news doing rounds a couple of months back claiming themselves to be the national organisations of bhutanese in America but where are they now and what are they doing.Doesn’t it sink down to the head of them that there is a big need of proper orientation and counselling for these utterly frustrated mass? I do also understand the it is not possible to single out a case and begin the course of action but had some initiative taken there wouldn’t have such life ending attempts by so many people in such less time.
    I hope to hear about the program initiatives by the bhutanese ogranisations towards addressing this grave issue in future.I once again express my heartfelt condonlence to the bereaved gurung family and her maternal side.


    Usually news comes to quench curiosity but this news breaks curiosity into sadness. A youth whose heart is mighty enough to challenge the challenges lost his congregation who joined him since his mid-teenage as beloved. A pair of very dauntless daughters lost their mother.

    Jagath Daju !! Time has challenged us once more, and this has been very critical at all times of our lives.

    As all say, you have daughters to continue living with you, and what has happened is after all the divine intervention we have, please accept it. In addition to that you have a mighty heart and very hearts we have in the camps are with you still. We pray the almighty to help our Daju transform the grief and sorrows into strength. Our Daju is very ideal, he will accept this as the law of lawlessness and won’t dear to commit life for the daughters now.

    I wish Bhauju is with us and we have the Family Charms we had in the past.

    The Family & Puranaghare

  4. Ten days is a short time for someone to get frustrated and depressed due to the new environment. To me it seems like a case of pre existing condition. May be she was depressed for a while or some other reasons. It is important to seek counselling or family member should recommend counselling soon after the arrival in the resettled country.

    It is indeed a sad incident which I am confident could be avoided if timely steps are taken. My condolences to the family.

  5. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and Bhutanese community at this difficult time. I work for another refugee agency in Buffalo NY, not one that resettled this lovely family. But I am concerned about the impact that this event will have on the overall Bhutanese community. I know in other cultures there is shame associated with suicide- shunning of family, not wanting to talk about it in public , etc… Also, it is very traumatic to be resettled and now for the community, which is relatively new, to deal with this will be very stressful. I have tried to talk with some community members to see how we can help, what we can do for the community. Also, would be helpful to know how to advise the family, and we can pass on that information to the agency. I know in Bhutan, according to news, suicides have been increasing, and there is no reason. If anyone on the list can advise me on what we can do for the overall community to help them through this, it would be appreciated. Some of the agencies do have assessment tools that are used to evaluate new arrivals, but often things are so new that unless someone speaks out, or there is evidence, there is nothing we can do. But now, we can help the community andn family heal please advise, thank you.