Will led the way for ND Bhutanese


Yet their long journey—nearly 450 miles (6 hour’s one way by car), was an evidence to back our frequent-say that ‘Bhutanese in Diaspora’ are committed towards preserving their long-practiced culture and tradition; thanks god.

In an effort to preserve their old culture and tradition, more than 30 resettled Bhutanese from North Dakota, where temples are not yet built, recently visited a Hindu temple in their neighboring State, Minnesota.

Group of Bhutanese from South Dakota rest near the Hindu Temple upon their arrival. Photo/Bikash
Group of Bhutanese from North Dakota rest near the Hindu Temple upon their arrival. Photo/Bikash

Their Minnesota-based fellow Bhutanese friends warmly greeted them and assisted possible help. “We are very excited to see our fellow Bhutanese friends on this occasion,” said a woman in a smiling complexion.

When the group reached the Minnesota Hindu Temple, it had actually healed their tiredness following the six-hour long continuous one-way journey. Ganga Lamitary, who was a lead player to guide the team, said, “It’s a great pleasure to meet Bhutanese friends wherever we go, whatever we do but we should never forget the fact that we are Bhutanese and we will remain Bhutanese forever.

On the occasion, Lamitaray further pointed out the necessity to promote our identity. “We should not hesitate to introduce ourselves as Bhutanese American,” added Lamitaray. Meanwhile, Dr. Shani at the Minnesota Hindu Temple emphasized on empowering Bhutanese community.

Their effort to make such a long journey to reach a nearby Hindu temple, miles away from their hometown, clearly speaks of the fact that ‘where there is will there is a way’.

By Bikash Dhakal/Minnesota for BNS


  1. BNS,
    Well-written piece! Kudos. Actually you guys are showing magic—- really a new way to flow news. Good composition. Thanks to Bikash. Keep pouring in such news written in different formats.

  2. Dear Mr. Lametarey and the party in North Dekota,

    Let us think on how we can help the Government in North Dekota to build a temple in North Dekota itself. That may help us better to have our say said well in its own holy gusto.

    We know Mr. Lametarey is a good man. He even doesn’t dear to sacrifice his life for the community which is very impressive in itself. I believe that he will help the people in North Dekota to file a petition to the government for the construction of a Temple.

    He is a man who shows path to perfection wherever he is. When he says, let us keep our identity as Bhutanese Alive, I remember his arguments about his stand after resettlement into third country. In a closed dark room is his hut while I talked to him some years ago, he said that; it never means that we are giving out our fight back to Bhutan while we opt for the resettlement.

    This is enough for me to believe his sentiments of Bhutanese Identity. I have to wait and see whether he comes back to Bhutan or not. What I believe is when we go to Bhutan from Nepal, he will be there with us.

    Lametarey is only a representative figure of the mass which is looking forward to go Bhutan from the resettled states.

    Weldone! Mr. Lametarey, you have a good projection to our vision to achieve destination. Please, let us keep it alive !!!

  3. Hi every body,
    It was our pleasure to be a part of the program at maple grove,Mn.Thanks to bikash ji and the minnesota bhutanese communite on extending the warmth help to make our tour,a sucessful one.
    The tour was most progressive in espect of seniors meeting and the presents of Dr.Chabi Timsina and Mr.Ganga lamitary. The way they focused about the Bhutanese identy and the orgine in regards with the withworth nepali culture was praised with.