Wife succumbs to death after being hit by husband’s car in Tennessee


A resettled woman in Memphis, Tennessee, who was reported to have been hit unknowingly while her husband reversed the car from the parking lot at the Hollywood Street in their Woodcrest apartment complex, died Monday morning. According to the eyewitness, the driver was trying to park the car.

According to an eyewitness, the victim was walking to the leasing office to make the rent payment while the car reversed by her own husband hit her from the back.

The driver, Shanti Ram Bhujel, in his 40s, who reportedly kept reversing the car also hit the wall of an apartment leaving a Somalis woman injured. She is being treated at a local hospital, it is learnt.

According to Amir Gurung in the same city, the victim, Son Maya Bhujel, was pronounced dead after she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Gurung further informed BNS that Shanti Ram was driving his son’s car that hit his wife to death.

Whether or not Shanti Ram has his learner’s permit and or driver’s license, required by law of the land to drive a vehicle, is not yet known.

It is reported that the police authorities have been undertaking further investigation.

Bhujel’s five-member family—three children and parents, moved to Memphis, TN through third country resettlement program more than a year back from Beldangi-I refugee camp in Nepal.

Reported by Yam Kharel from Nashville, TN


  1. What a tragedy? I am really socked and sadden by reading this news. It’s a serious lesson for the new drivers, especially who are learning to drive in the United States.

    I pray for the eternal peace to the departed soul and deep condolence to the bereaved family members.

  2. Alas!!! what a tragic loss of life being hit and killed by her own husband, it is a great sudden loss of life, we need to be always alert and in good concentration controlling our mind all the time while driving and parking our vehicles.

    USA Manchester NH

  3. Tragic death without reason! Handling anything without proper knowledge and training might have caused so unimaginable death. Life is so precious and cannot be brought back again! Prevention is better than cure but this case is beyond that! Little knowledge is quite dangerous. Every human being is shocked to hear this and we heartily give condolence to the tragic and untimely death of Mrs.Bhujel and may her soul rest in eternal peace in the kingdom of heaven and pray to Almighty Father to bestow full power to overcome the tragedy to the bereaved family members and relatives.