We have lost our father : Rizal



Tek Nath Rizal in deep look. File photo/TP Mishra
Tek Nath Rizal in deep look. File photo/TP Mishra

Exiled human right leader Tek Nath Rizal, who is agonized with news of passage of the former Nepalese Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, said he has lost his father second time. Vidhyapati Mishra talked to him shortly after the formal announcement of Koirala’s death by Central Committee meet of Nepali Congress

. Excerpts:

How do you comment on the sad this sad news?
Actually, I am unable to speak following this news. I am really sad that I have lost the strong supporter of our struggle, no less than my father. I pray to God that his soul rests in peace in heaven.

Besides playing vital roles in bilateral talks when Koirala was head of government, he used to say that he was also a founding member of Bhutan State Congress. What is your evaluation on his contribution to our struggle?
I met Girija Babu only after I came to Nepal. I met him on several occasions and we did exchange our views. I cam to know from him that long time ago he travelled to Sarbhang via Padgaun. Also, I was informed that along with leaders like B.P. Koirala, they contributed for democractic struggle in Bhutan. He was well informed our refugee issues. As you have asked, his party Nepali Congress other parties have also contributed. However, Koirala helped me for my personal as well as political issues. Many times he rendered his feedbacks and supports to me. As he looked our struggle through close vicinity, we shall remember him forever. His dedication would remain immortal.

Do you think his absence would paralyse our issue?
Every individual has his own access and capability. With whatever stand Nepal was working for finding a solution to our issue, I hope the same spirit will never fade away. I hope that all political features will follow his path to repatriate Bhutanese refugees.

When did you last meet him?
I met him some four months back. Any momorable moments that you spent with him to share? He used to tell me that he would read Bhutan on me each time he saw me. He was always with the say that one day I would achieve success in Bhutan and work for welfare of the Bhutanese citizens.

He suggested me not to work only for those outside the country but also to work for poors dwelling inside. He advised me to study political changes in Nepal and apply for democratic struggle in Bhutan. As an old personality, he used to discuss political issues.

He even released one of your books? How do you remember him now?
I am extremely heart-grieven with loss of this personality. I can’t speak any longer. This is the second time that I have become parentless in my life.


  1. Rijal ji, you better stop speaking. You should feel ashamed to speak. You self-proclaimed leaders are worthless. Your beaurocratic way of dealing never helps in soving this problem. The Refugees’ hope in you have faded up. You could never come in contact with the refugees rather you were/are busy in Kathmandu in your own business. Nobody beleives in you except a few whom you are able to pay some amount. You all better don’t talk of Bhutanese refugees. Don’t make these refugees a begging plate like Nepal.

  2. Girijababu is your second father and may be Bastola is your living father. Speak all these nonsense and pass your days in Nepal. One day you will see all refugees gone and still you will be claiming as their leader. All Bhutanese self-proclaimed leaders are worthless. You better start resettlement process, it will help you to start a new life. Forget about being a leader.

  3. That was a very irresponsible comment. It will create a watershed in Rizal’s life and politics. With this comment, Rizal has become history. Very few people become history while still living. Rizal has attained that stature now.

    We shall acknowledge and respect with full integrity, all his sacrifices to the Bhutanese movement in the past. As for the movement and its leadership in the future, Rizal jee cannot hope to find any acceptance among the Bhutanese people.

    Rp Subba.

  4. Rizal ji is going to be the most unpopular man soon. i do not know why this man is speaking this or that. now his time has been finished.if he really likes to do politics, then he should have never come to nepal after his release…we requested him to stay inside bhutan for further movement. he denied. now i knew, finally, that he was in need of lavish life, good wine and ladies. have your better bitter life in ktm now dear rizal.
    you are the one among many other, who ruined our fortunate life in 90s. we never looked for democracy or human rights, it was you who needed it for chair,,,you will be in hell not in heaven ….as you have ruined many people’s life…pls rizal ji …if you really want to say yourself a leader…then go to bhutan soon… you were not forcefully sent out from the country as we were. lets see then what happens next.

  5. The guy, who is mr Baral, who made very horrific and terrible comments about Mr rizal needs to go to rehabilitation center where his mental assessment needs to be worked on by some health professionals.The reason I am saying this is as this kind of person keeps making such a terrible comments about most respected personality who has been fighting relentlessly for our identity and fundemental rights,this person will definately turn out to life threatining to our social,political and educational figures.I personally request media team who has been incredibly working for news coverage based on the matter of our interest to filter this kind of personal hurting comments.