We have achieved a lot, but still lack resources : Pratap Subba

Singer Subba

Senior music composer and singer of popular songs like Bandhanko Chino and Maney Maryo, Pratap Subba, has said the Bhutanese musicians have achieved a lot in the camps, but still lack enough resources to progress.

According to Subba, young artists could foster well if they remain dedicated towards musics after their resettlement in the west considering availability of means and resources.

Subba expressed that there may be lesser time investments for composition, but recording a song or producing an album would be easier abroad comparatively.

One of the Jhapa-based local journalists Dikesh Lama has talked to singer Subba in this regard and other relevant issues.


  1. With more than 40 years of dedication to singing and music Pratap dai is undisputedly Bhutan’s Narayan Gopal or a Kishore Kumar. King of melody, all his songs have remained popular for over two decades. Our young singers and artists can learn a lot from daju.

    कलाकार को कला हौ तिमी
    राश्त्र भए राष्ट्रिय गायक
    स्वोर को राजा
    जनता को प्यारो गायक्

    संगीत श्र्स्त्रा हरु मा ध्रुव
    प्रतिभा को खानी
    देश र जनता को सधै माया गर्ने
    सम्मान तिम्रो गर्छौ हामी

    शुभकामना छ तिमीलाई
    सधै तिम्रो यात्रा शुभ रहोस्
    संगीत का उज्ज्वल भविश्य तिमी
    तिम्रो प्रतिस्था सधै अमर रहोश !!

    Sorry for the nepali typing mistakes. I couldn’t play much with the phonts.

    Suvha Chintak.

  2. Pratap dai,you are a legend. You are a super star..Believe it the younger generation is really really proud of you.You are the king of Bhutanese melody.Keep up your wonderful talent and help the new generation to develop music..
    Durga Giri, UK.

  3. “Timi samaj ko pyaro gayak”.

    kalakar ko kala hou timi,
    shrsta haru ma dhruva
    rashtra vaye rashtriya gayak,
    timi samaj ko pyaro gayak!!

    swor ko ekal raja timi,
    pratapilo haru ko pratap
    desh ra janta ko sadhai maya garne,
    timi samaj ko pyaro gayak!!

    bhutani sangit ka udharan timi,
    timi thulo prativa ko khani
    rashtra ra samaj ko sadhai sewa garne,
    timi samaj ko pyaro gayak!!

    garda chha samman jasley timro,
    gauney chha ‘geet’ ushley timro
    janta ko hridaya ma sadhai basney,
    timi samaj ko pyaro gayak………………….!!

    Written in honor of Pratap daju. Rp Subba. My earlier composition written in Nepali (written anonymously), is edited and presented here again. It was difficult to read the Nepali fonts as it was printed.

  4. Pratap Dai Namaskar!
    Believe it or not, you are a gifted singer, composer and lyricist. It is universally believed that music brings positive change in the mind-set of millions. Hence, you are a pioneer of change in Bhutanese community above and beyond.
    With respect,
    Bhagirath Khatiwada
    Concord, NH USA

  5. He is indeed a great artist, a true patriot and a person with lots of enthussiasm. He had admired the entire Bhutanese community with his music and social service…………My Namaskar to him and thanks to the Dikesh lama.

  6. Very Nice! indeed. I suspect that the photo graph reporter needs some extra training to not to spoil the actual quality. Videos shows the technical weakness of the photographer.

    Great Wishes to Pratap Dai. Please give us more that you have.

  7. Pratab Daju Nmaskar .

    Hajur ko sangeetik yatra ra samajik sewa lai kadar gardai I salute you tapaiko music ani song composition lai nirantarta di rahanu bha chha you are the only pioneer singer Lord bless you