Washington Bhutanese announce new org


Resettled Bhutanese in Washington State of United States have announced the formation of a new community based organization ‘Bhutanese Community Resource Centre’ on Saturday.   

Representatives from six different cities including Everett, Burien, Tukwila, Kent, SeaTac and Rainier grouped together to draft the by-laws of the organization and also formed 27 central working committee members.

Meanwhile, Tanka Dhital was elected as chairman followed by Yug Dawadi as Vice-chairman, Durga Siwa as Secretary and Huma Poudel as a Treasurer.  

According to newly elected Vice-Chairman Yug Dawadi, the organization was formed following regular discussions with the public for maintaining community harmony and provide pure social service. He further explained that the organization will mainly work in organizing cultural and social events, promote Bhutanese identity and work for the benefits of the Bhutanese people in Washington. 

According to Dawadi, around 70 people attended the function representing the six cities of Washington. 

Tri Bikram Adhikari/ BNS



  1. Congratulation!
    It is highly appreciated…combining 6 cities and forming an organisation is an exmplery leadership for all states folks.
    I wish BCRC will move forward meeting the needs of the community.

    Tika Acharya
    New Hampshire.

  2. Ya’ll know why we were kicked out of bhutan, its because of rubbish organizations and political leaders. so, what i think is lets not repeat the same mistake that we did many years ago.
    otherwise we will be kicked out from america too