Veteran youth leader Karki passes away


A veteran Bhutanese youth, Dhan Kumar (DK) Karki, has passed away on March 2 at Barnes Jewish Hospital of Saint Louis, MO, United States. He was 50.

Late Karki (Picture: BNS)

Late Karki joined his political activism from the Youth Organization of Bhutan (YOB), the youth wing of the Bhutan People’s Party (BPP).

He is also mostly remembered his social works in the community esp. when his fellow youths were in need of blood.

The veteran who demonstrated his political caliber in the early stage of camp settlement in Nepal as an active cadre of the Bhutan People’s Party was never willing to leave camp to settle in western countries.

However, Karki, who waited at Beldangi-I camp for 18 years to return to Bhutan with dignity and honor, was eventually resettled in St. Louis of Missouri in July 2010.

In 2009, doctors at AMDA Nepal diagnosed him of complications in his liver, and even got his liver transplanted in 2011.

He is survived by his two sons and wife.


  1. Extremely Sad to read the news of untimely demise of Mr. DK Daju!!!. May God give strength to his family and help his departed soul rest in haven with peace . Your contribution to our society will always be remembered.

  2. Late Karki was a friendly person and a great follower of his party activities. He was involved in the movement since its early days. We all certainly miss him.

    May his family members have the courage to bear the loss. Hearty condolences.

  3. Well,someone’s demise is obviously sad. My condolences to the bereaved family.
    But,I am not sure how he became the veteran.Looks like,it is very ironical to a real veteran.Imaturity skills of news reporter sometimes causes misinformation to the community. I don’t want to comment what he did but I would say he is one of the resettled Bhutanese, just died untimely. The news should be based on facts and with supporting details.BNS team may learn this simple key before publishing any news article.

  4. My condolence to D.K daju’s families. I believed DK daju’s veteran work in drinking and gambling cards for last 18 yrs in camps. His contribution to youth for teaching drinking and gambling cards will be highly remembered by fellow youths. We missed such a veteran.

  5. RIP DK dai.

    Dear Gopal

    In this 21st century please _it is always good to respect after his or her demise even if he or she is your lifetime enemy. How would your own family members may feel if someone wrote in the same manner you did? It really touched my heart Mr Gopal. Who knows you may leave this earth before reading these lines or may live till 100? yet, must respect the law of nature.

    Never mind please.

  6. First of all my sincere condolence to Lt Dil Kumar Karki, He is servive with his two sons .Let his soul rest in peace.

    He is Veteran for Bhutanese Democartic movement. If we have spared same sprite of contribution for the Bhutanese movement like Lt. Karki, we would have been in our own land today.
    I request folk to over view the deed of individual. not your personal kind.

  7. I am saddened by the news of untimely death of Mr. D.K Karki, he has made commendable contribution to the Bhutanese movement/community. May his departed soul rest in peace.May god grace power to the bereaved family to bear the loss at this difficult time.