Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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Bhutanese begin drive to support quake devastated Nepal

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Various individuals and groups from Bhutanese community have begun crowd-funding in an attempt to garner monetary supports for quake victims in Nepal devastated by a powerful earthquake this Saturday.

As Nepalese officials count death tolls as high as over 2,250, resettled Bhutanese have already started their contributions through various platforms.

Volunteers rush an injured person to a local hospital in Nepal. (Picture courtesy: CNN)
Volunteers rush an injured person to a local hospital in Nepal. (Picture courtesy: CNN)

The highest contribution trending in www.gofund.com when this report is being filed is one initiated by Nebraska-based creative writer Krishna Limbu (Jhakas). In 19 hours, altogether 168 individuals have extended their supports garnering a total fund of $ 6,120 of the $10,000 goal set.

Yam Kharel from Tennessee and Chabi Dhakal from Canada have also initiated similar crowd-funding.

Though a consolidated fundraising initiative from an organizational level hasn’t been started from the community, resettled Bhutanese in Australia are learnt to be discussing in beginning a broader community-based donation drive.

Likewise, Druk Atlantic Youth Society from Halifax, Canada has hooked up with UNICEF Canada for their donation drive. The group has so far raised $ 1218, according to Rupesh Dhungana.

“We are also doing a week campaign in local schools and agencies from tomorrow for collecting funds. We’ll handover this fund to Red Cross,” Dhungana told BNS.


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