US to promptly rescue Adhikari remaining members from camp


Beldangi-II, July 30: The four members who are being processed for resettlement in America will soon be taken to join the funeral ceremony of late Hari Lal Adhikari in Florida.

According to his brother Padam Lal Adhikari, both International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees have assured them of immediate travel to America, where a half of their family traumatized with ruthless slain is waiting for reunion.

“We have packed up everything”, said Padam adding, “IOM has told us to be ready, and we’ll leave the camp at anytime.”

Our father in Florida has refused to accept the deceased body of my brother before we reach there, lamented Padam with his eyes full of tears.

He quoted David Derthick, the Chief of IOM in Nepal, as saying that they will find all mechanisms to ask the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu for immediate rescue from camps.

Though not confirmed by the family, it is likely that Padam with other three members will fly to America early the next week.

Meanwhile, Bhutan News Service has received a circular on behalf of PRM’s Coordinator in Nepal via a yahoogroup yesterday raising important concern regarding the killing of the Bhutanese citizen in America. Click here to download circular

The circular subjected as ‘UNHCR/IOM response to murder of Bhutanese refugee in the U.S.’ wrote -life in the camps is not without risks, but the risks in the resettlement countries will be different from what the refugees are accustomed to.

“It is getting a lot of attention in the camps and in the local media. UNHCR is planning focus group meetings in the camps over the next two weeks to place the crime in context, to counter some of the misinformation that is being circulated, and explain in broad terms how criminal justice systems in the resettlement countries work,” said the circular.

( Compiled with inputs from Khem Shandilya, the editor of Bhutan Jagaran, in Beldangi-II)