URFB claims responsibility of Phuentsholing bomb blast


An underground armed outfit, the United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan (URFB), has claimed the responsibility of explosion at Kharbandi check post of Phuentsholing. The check post is 3 km away from the gateway of Bhutan.

Issuing a press circular Saturday evening, URFB commander-in-chief Karma claimed that their cadres attacked the Royal Bhutan Police post at Kharbandi on February 17 at 8:30 p.m.

However, unlike what was reported by government-owned media, it has not mentioned that several police personnel were injured the blast.

“An explosive was detonated inside the police post followed by some rounds of firing by the cadres that caused injured several personnel,” said Karma.

The Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) has reported that at least one police was injured during the blast. He is being treated.

Meanwhile, the Kuensel reported that the check post war cordoned for investigation immediately after the blast.


  1. Police never stays alone at cheek post especially at night. In fact there were four personals during the attack which three of them killed in the spot by URFB cadres and one of them got serious injuries. RGOB is trying to misguide the media.


  2. all the sick people getting more sick.A man who lives by the sword dies by the sword. look for change with peace and compassion. Why the leader wants to call himself as karma when he is just another person. Find peaceful solution things are changing now…

  3. At least, the regime should be thrown out- by mean of power or protest. Choice does not matter, coz Bhutan is still a country of absolute monarch with fake democracy.

    Hey Paljor how much did you wait for talks and peace? 20 +………. years, what did you get?

    I do disagree with the concept of killing innocent people, but throwing a regime with peoples’ war is appreciated!

    Karma remember your mission should be focused to demolish and destroy the corrupted and evil-minded monarch form our country, not our innocent people. March for justice and freedom.

    Support for peoples’ movement!


  4. Great Job Karma….Even after 20+yrs the regime have the same policy towards southern Bhutanese… thousands of people are still stateless,homeless and there is no justice??? Its time for the full fledged war… without war i don’t think there is any possibilities of changing the mind of the cruel regime and its trusted dogs….

    The trusted dogs and the regime is very busy preaching GNH to outside world but one can find the real side of GNH only after visiting the southern districts……!!!

  5. Hi Karma! Fight for Right is natural. But it should be errorless. And as you hv said Police was trying to misguide media was fact and often anywhere it happens. Nobody wants to show own weak point. Therefore, if, both sides give the details then misguiding problem can solved. So, if you hv any news, you can send to- [email protected]
    By the way, I am a media person working for satelite tv chanel and daily news papers.