URFB cadre falls in police net


Beldangi-I camp-based Armed Police Force (APF) arrested Bhim Kala Gurung aka ‘Punam’ for her alleged involvement in the United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan (URFB).

A special APF search team under the command of Indrajit Majhi arrested Punam, 22, a temporary resident of Beldangi-I, E-1/153 from the camp.

According to Majhi, Punam, who was at large since the murder of Ramesh Subba, former camp secretary of the same cap, was in their ‘wanted-list’. Majhi further informed BNS that Punam has admitted her involvement with the URFB but she refuted her hands in Subba murder.

By Arjun Pradhan/BNS


  1. Nice. The security forces should arrest all these hooligans and throw them behind bars. These impotent idiots can do nothing against the enemy. They kill, murder, harass, intimidate and torture their own to convince themselves that they are a tad more than cowards.

  2. @Raju…. that site you posted, one paldendrukpa’s blog is a propaganda piece of the Bhutanese govt. Let me respond to its first piece on the site now that gives five reasons why not to believe Michael Hutt

    1. “He has not done any research inside Bhutan. So his knowledge of Bhutan is superficial. Probably he has not even been to Bhutan.”

    No one has been to Saturn, yet its is an established fact that it has some damn fine rings around it. But, his research on Bhutanese refugees is what it is – research on Bhutanese refugees. And refugees are not usually inside their country of origin. So, his research is based on his sources. He does not claim he has been inside Bhutan conducting research. He does not lie.

    “2. He has long connection with Nepal and Nepalese. In fact, his whole adult life has been about Nepal – studying about Nepal at university and now working about Nepal. His professional life revolves around studying Nepali language and Nepali culture. He has done his Ph.D. on Nepali language, and now as a professor, he has mainly Nepalese Ph.D. students in his lab. So, he is deeply sympathetic of the Nepalese people everywhere. His views on the Bhutanese refugee issue are naturally biased.”
    What does this assertion make this paldendrukpa’s article? Unbiased? He is an English gentleman. He loves Nepal and Nepali culture…. may be. Have not seen him running around in dhaka topi and duara suraal, like long time stalwarts of Bhutan supporters like Fr. Mackey who donned a gho. Hutt is fine. he is a teacher, researcher, a curious person. If Bhutan allowed him to, he might be writing about Doyas and Brokpas next.

    “3. He twists facts and figures to suit his twisted views on Bhutan. This is totally unbecoming of a scholar. No doubt that he is not highly regarded among his peers.” Give me examples or give me a break! Not highly regarded by his peers? Look here, for example: http://www.soas.ac.uk/news/newsitem55170.html

    “4. He quotes literature very selectively, only making references to those studies which conveniently suit his point of view. It is not becoming of a scholarly study to do so. All studies on the subject should be referenced for reaching a balanced conclusion.” ALL researchers quote their subject selectively. he could not quote all Nepali literature in every book, could he?

    “5. Other researchers have pointed out that his articles contain factual errors.” Like which researcher? Show the facts… just don’t state your opinion as facts.

    The real factual articles that blog is not. It is more a last ditch effort of some sinner to sink a little deeper after finding the sin sweet.

  3. I can understand Bhutan government’s propaganda against Mr. Hutt but what he is saying is truth but what you guys are telling are absolute lies and fabrications which only fools will believe. Mr, Hutt is a man of character and integrity not a ////// like Jigmi Thinley who is an enemy of humanity and a devotee of your kings. Thinley will never do anything for the betterment of Bhutanese people but he will do anything to please his kings. Please give an example of what he did for poor people of Shemgang, Pemagathsel, Dagana, Tashiyangchhi, Gasa and Mongar How much he added to the income of poor people living in these areas, how many new and safe houses be built for them what he did to free them of their poverty and backwardness? You should criticize rulers in Bhutan who are violators of human rights not Mr. Hutt who is a defender of human rights and supporter of a suffering people. And you should know no matter how hard you try to misguide and lie you will never succeed and don’t post such blogs which no body will believe.

  4. The main problem with Mr. Hutt’s article is that he is writing about something he does not know enough of. He is writing about Bhutan where he has not been. Who will believe him? Every expert about a country has to have visited and lived in that country doing field research. It is not like scientists studying about Saturn.
    He has met the refugees. If he writes about how the refugees suffer, it is alright. But he better not make conclusions about Bhutan without actually knowing the truth. Or else he may lose all credibility as a scholar.