Upreti, Gurung challenge longest handshake world record


Two exiled Bhutanese youths of Jhapa-based Beldangi camp are officially set to challenge the existing longest handshake of 42 hours and 35 minutes by two Nepalese brothers, Dinesh and Pawan Timsina, as recorded by the Guinness World Record  team in March last year.

Nil Hari Upreti (right) shakes hand with Dik Man Gurung (Picture : Tilak Niroula/BNS)

The refugee duo, Nil Hari Upreti and Dik Man Gurung, successfully completed the continuous handshake of 72 hours on Wednesday at 10:17 a.m.

Regional coordinator of Human Rights Organization of Nepal Dr K.P Subedi, Field Director of Caritas Nepal Fr. Amalraj PS and Chairman of Bhutanese Refugee Representative Repatriation Committee Dr Bhampa Rai jointly separated the hands of the world record aspirants today.

Hundreds of refugees and their well-wishers witnessed the handshaking event that was held in Nepal Red Cross Society hall, Damak, Jhapa. While, various six dozen judges from various backgrounds monitored the event since Monday morning.

“We wanted to inform the world community that even refugees are equally capable as other citizens, and we did,” one of the youths, Nil Hari Upreti, told media after the event. “The next step will be submission of all testimonies for official record to the Guinness World Record team.”

Speaking in the closing ceremony, rights activists Subedi said the refugees had shown their talents in front of the international community by replacing the past record of 44 hours.

While, the Field Director of Caritas Nepal, Father P.S. Amalraj congratulated the duo for their heroic record in the world.

The duo had earlier exhibited similar shows of 24 hours, 36 hours and 51 hours earlier in Timai, Khudunabari and Beldangi camps.

Video courtesy : Hari Kumar Dahal