UPDATE: Victim released without ransom


Sept 18: Phuentsholing dungkhag court’s senior bench clerk, who went missing on September 5, surfaced in Samdrupjongkhar town on September 14, claiming to have been kidnapped by some Indians, who ultimately let him go without a ransom.

Norbu Wangdi, 43, reportedly went missing on September 5, when he was on his way from Phuentsholing to Samdrupjongkhar, via the Indian states of West Bengal and Assam, to resolve a land issue.

Norbu Wangdi, according to people who spoke to him, said that he and his friend Vijay Thapa, a driver from Jaigaon, India, boarded an evening bus to Samdrupjongkhar from Hashimara on the evening of September 5. Samdrupjongkhar is a 10-hour drive from Phuentsholing.

Norbu Wangdi said that he slept throughout the journey and asked Vijay Thapa to wake him up when they reach Rangia in Assam, 49 km from Samdrupjongkhar. He woke up the next morning to find himself in an unfamiliar place from where they were picked up by a Maruti car, which Vijay Thapa said belonged to his brother.

They drove for about 15 km and stopped at a house for tea, after which the brothers disappeared, saying that they would get food for him. Shortly, four men he’d never seen before showed up and began to tie him up.

On September 7, the men took him to a paddy field and called his wife in Phuentsholing, demanding a ransom of Nu 1,000,000 and then took him back to the house.

The same process was repeated the next day on September 8 and, when Norbu Wangdi’s wife said that she wasn’t able to manage the amount, they reduced it to Nu 500,000. On September 11, Norbu Wangdi said that he was taken back to the same field and kept there the whole night.

However, on September 13, the men untied him, gave him Nu 300 and told him to go back to Bhutan. He said that they dropped him near the highway then left. From there Norbu Wangdi boarded a bus to Rangia and then to Samdrupjongkhar town.

The senior bench clerk from Bartsham, Trashigang, had taken leave for two days and was supposed to join office on September 9. When he didn’t reach Samdrupjongkhar, a case was filed with the Phuentsholing police.

Source: Kuensel Online