UPDATE: ABA Chairman, ED election postpones


The close-door meeting of the freshly elected board of directors of ABA has agreed to decide the name of Chairman and Executive Director (ED) only after few days.

One of the newly elected board of directors on condition of anonymity informed BNS that a meeting of the board members held today morning decided to finalize the name in a few days.

When asked about the timeframe to elect the chairman and ED, the board member further said “it might take a week or little more than that.” According to him, the meeting also decided to finalize those positions after extensive discussions.   


  1. Congratulations all the gays in the Board of Director of ABA. However, if you do not want the post do not tender your resignation by consulting your wives after reaching your state.
    I am happy that you gays, unlike OBCA gays, did not at least claim that you represent the state you are resettled.
    All the best.

  2. Dear ABA,
    It’s the greatest secrifice ABA board members have shown. I personally request all the board members of ABA to declare executive board only after merging with OBCA.That would be the wisest decission. Please believe me if you really want to serve for the community.

    Deepak Adhakari

  3. Hari, you need to learn a little more about how non profit organizations function in America. I think ABA is more transparent, run by more qualified and gentle people. They have bylaws posted in their website. Read it. It is free. I read yesterday and found them very useful. If you read, you will surely know if board members are elected as per the mandates of bylaws.

    OBCA barked a lot but they will soon realize the reality. They acused ABA of not reaching to every individual needs. People, including myself, will be watching OBCA closely.

  4. Winx fairy,
    You opened your mouth on behalf of ABA. You mentioned about the way a non profit function..Tell the world what IRS status ABA has received. Non… do not be surprised. ASk Indra Lata Sharma an incorporator or agent of ABA who is in D.C. May be you want to confused by a project of Maryland, ABA obtained it,IRC being as fiscal Agent which means IRC did all the paper work??????????????

    Please dump all the qualificatio of ABA members and executives…after all convention landed in a small apartment of Kristopher woods in clarkston. All the artists performing cultural shows were paid.
    Out of 70000 population in Atlanta we saw there dancing doll for organising a convention…Ask Monaj Pradhan,Bahadur Subba and Birendra about it’s hardship and where the shooting pain was mostly found.
    Tell us today where is the outcome.????
    why chairman was not elected?? Because there was no other canidate in the convention.And what about rest of the staffs, the reason is the same. There werer 9 members who were not in post all of them got elected.
    In few words ABA convention is super flop.
    HA ha ha..ha..se..j

  5. after all convention landed in a small apartment of Kristopher woods in clarkston

    Dear writers,
    whoever may be writing the above sentences.
    I Have few comments to you.
    1- The program was in the hall but not in the apartment.
    2- Please dont tell or write false news.Truth is truth.
    3- writing false will finally kill you.The negative/false/ugly nature is in you.
    that is a poison.You have poison in you so you are trying to share with others but who willtake.You are a lier and you have to suffer.
    If I curse someone! Do you know who is the first person to hear that?Thats you coz your ear is closer to your mouth.That means you are cursing your ownself.
    Please dont do such thing to poisen our community.
    Write the good things always.we will respect you.

  6. winx fairy, you better need to learn a little more about how non profit organizations function in America. How can a person who is in 6th become a aba board of director, when its bylaw says another thing? Some of ur elected directers were member of aba a day befor the election. So do not try to teach. do not try to foooool people.