Unidentified group gunned-down a resettled Bhutanese(Breaking news)


Florida, July 26: Hari Lal Adhikari, 21, a resettled Bhutanese in Jacksonville, Florida killed on the spot by a gunshot from an unknown group at 12:00 am local time.

The armed attackers attacked the boy just outside his apartment 2930 Stonemont, said Puspa Gautam in Utah State in America, according to our Norway correspondent.

Manoj Rai, the former camp secretary from Khudunabari camp, who is resettled in the same State, told Bhutan News Service that the police investigation was underway.

According to Gautam, Sumitra Timsina (Adhikari) resettled with him has gone unconscious when she heard of her brother’s death.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) took Adhikari family from Beldangi-II sector B/3-145/146 for resettlement in March this year.  A high-placed source at IOM was unable to confirm the news citing the possibility only by tomorrow.

However, our Beldangi correspondent Arjun Pradhan, who reached Adhikari’s hut in camp, confirmed the death. Now, his brother Padam Lal Adhikari resides in the hut with his four members.
According to family sources, Hari Lal reached Florida with his four other family members including his father Tika Ram Adhikari and mother Indra Maya.

A UN team from Damak-based UHNCR, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, reached the Beldangi-II for the ground study. However, no details could be gathered due to off office hour in Nepal.

The Adhikari family said that World Relieve- resettlement agency – has been assisting for resettlement in Florida.

Details to follow


  1. Immediately, we should collaborate on how we can help the bereaved family.

    However, it looks like we have to start a larger advocacy with State Department about where the Bhutanese refugees are being dumped. It looks like Bhutanese refugees (perhaps all refugees who are being resettled) are being dumped in high-crime areas. Jacksonville is rife with drug traficking and shoot-outs. In other places too, fresh Bhutanese are being housed in run-down areas where there are very few employed folks, for example the north side of Rochester, some areas in Atlanta, Bronx and Brooklyn in New York, Newark in New Jersey. Folsk who are just getting here shold be housed in safe neighborhood, especially if they carry the trauma of torture, discrimination, neglect, and decades in horrible conditions in refugee camps.

    ABA will place this concern with the State Department. In the meantime, please share your ideas and suggestions.

  2. I’m very sad n sorry to hear this very bad news.May,we too,have to face the same condition in the days to come.Everyone be aware of it.it is almost time for us to think and talk against the poor and careless system of profit oriented org.iom n government of usa for resettlement.I urge everyone to speak something from your own place so that perhaps, no one has to suffer the same in the coming days.I pray for his departed soul to be rested in peace in heaven.let the god gives enough strength to the bereaved family to endure all grieve.

  3. Dear respectable Human Right Organization,

    Why UNHCR keep quit? We are also human, why we couldn’t get any Human right? why? we don’t have any authority to alive in any country. We only bhutanese refugee got that types of torture and trouble. Why american government didn’t keep safty for Bhutanese Refugee. We don’t have right to say our country name also. Where we were born and blame us we are Illegal immigrants and another side resettlement our life in third country also not secure. Pls. hang that person who did that types of activities. I would like to request with concern office and concern Human right organization to safe our life and to settle secure and sustinable in any third country. If that types of discrimination, torture we need to take why UNHCR resettled in America.
    I request with pls. hang that person who did always criminal activities.
    ramesh adhikari
    tel: […]

  4. Our hearfelt condolence to the family.
    Now, let us come forward…… All registered organisation like ABA and several state wise forum start networking and reach our problem to the state as soon as possible. We have to coordinate/pressurize with/to each state and ensure the safe and security to our folks. I request ABA to approch IOM/ agencies to move all the families to different safe places/states.

    Acharya family,
    New Hampshire.