UNHCR Nepal gets new chief


Kathmandu, Jan 13:  The newly appointed United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Representative in Nepal, Stéphane Jaquemet, presented the Letter of Credentials to the Nepali Deputy Prime Minister cum Foreign Minister of Nepal, Sujata Koirala yesterday.UNHCR Chief

Upon assuming office, Jaquemet said, “I am happy to be in Nepal, such a beautiful and cultured country, and work for one of UNHCR’s largest resettlement operations in the world.”

“We will continue working with the international community and the Governments of Nepal and Bhutan to find solutions for these refugees, including repatriation to Bhutan and resettlement to third countries,” said Jaquemet wrote the statement.

According to a statement issued by the UNHCR, before coming to Nepal, he served as the UNHCR Representative in Lebanon, Beirut. Having spent 17 years with UNHCR, Jaquemet has held a number of senior positions both at UNHCR Headquarters in Geneva and in other UNHCR offices, including Indonesia, Togo and Croatia.

UNHCR has said, the Swiss national Jaquemet has a strong legal background, and served as Chief of Protection Capacity Section, Department of International Protection, at UNHCR Headquarters in Geneva from 1997 to 2002.

Besides Bhutanese and Tibetans, UNHCR’s work in Nepal also includes providing protection and assistance to around 300 individuals from some 10 countries who have sought asylum in, helping find solutions for stateless people, and facilitating the safe transit of Tibetan new arrivals to a third country.

Since late 2007, UNHCR has helped more than 25,600 refugees from Bhutan to start new lives in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand.

Jaquemet has taken his position when the former UHCR Chief in Nepal, Daisy Dell, completed her tenure from July last year.  She had served the UNHCR Nepal starting from January 2007.


  1. Thanks to The UNHCR for appointing such a highly qualified and experienced person as its representative in Nepal to help Bhutanese and Tibetan refugees in their process to re-build new life, whether through resettlement or repatriation or some other means. His commitment to support Bhutanese refugees seems to be motivated by genuineness. In him, there is still some hope for repatriation, which in itself is astonishing but he appears to be philanthropic in his outlook. I pray for his successful tenure in Nepal.

  2. Glad to know that we have a new chief now and things might be faster than usual.Thousands of them have been waiting for the repatriation very eagerly. There is lot of family tensions and some are showing the sign of depression too and when enquired the UNHCR the responce is “you will be called”. Further, I feel the UNHCR should find out about the status of the family left behind in the country. Have any one thought of it and have the international orgination done any survey on this??

  3. Congratulation Mr. Stéphane Jaquemet for taking the position of this high level office. I do truly agree with you that Nepal is a beautiful country. I hope you will enjoy your stay in the country as you make way for so many stateless people. With your dedication, great educational background and experience many refugees that UNHCR provides support would have new programs initiated to move them ahead and find permanent solution to their problems. I wish you all the best as help to settle our Bhutanese refugees. Please call upon us if there is any way that we could help in your noble responsibility. I know UNHCR and IOM in Nepal are taking so much responsibility in third country settlement of thousands of Bhutanese refugees. As you are moving through this stupendous task you might face so many obstacles. If you need community support from people who are settled in third country please do not hesitate to call upon us.

    Once again we are happy that you are taking this great responsibility.

    Tikaram Adhikari