Unauthorized raid in Beldangi-I camp


Oct 29: A joint team of Hamse Dumse Community Forest and Armed Police Force (APF) entered Beldangi-I camp and seized a truck of firewood and timber yesterday.

With suspicion of exiled Bhutanese collecting firewood abundantly during Dashain and Tihar, the community forest decided to raid huts inside camps.

According to camp secretary T.B.Gurung, the search team entered camp without any prior permission.

“They entered our huts and did whatever they liked,” Gurung told Bhutan News Service.

According to Beldangi-I camp supervisor, such actions need proper approval from camp management committee and camp supervisor.

Forest post in- charge, Jiba Pathak commented that they somehow handed over a request letter to sector heads of sector F and G.

A long discussion among the raid team, camp supervisor, representatives from the UNHCR and LWF took place in the office of camp management committee since the camp residents did not allow the truck carrying timber and firewood to go out of camp yesterday evening.

The joint meet decided to allow such actions with written permissions from various authorities concerned. It also decided to hold another meet today in the camp.

Meanwhile, APF arrested Bhim Bahadur Gazmere of the same camp while he was hiding some timbers during the search.

By Arjun Pradhan, Beldangi-I