UML leader Oli visits fire victims; assures to lobby with govt for more aid


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CPN-UML leader KP Sharma Oli on Sunday visited fire-gutted camps of Jhapa and Morang and met some of the fire victims.

CPN-UML leader Oli

Leader Oli who reached Goldhap camp this afternoon assured people displaced by fire with more supports, adding he would discuss the matter with Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal’s government upon his return to the capital Kathmandu.

“I have seen and felt the real situation now,” former foreign minister Oli told the Camp Management Committee,” I will discuss the matter with our party leadership and the government. The relief aid is not sufficient.”

Last week, the District Administration Offices of both the districts distributed Rs 1500 each for all burnt huts.

Leader Oli also said Bhutan would never accept the refugees back home. He claimed he had told reporters several times that Bhutan would never become willing to repatriate a single refugee.

“Through different bilateral talks, I knew that Bhutan will never accept its citizens to return home with dignity and honour.”

Meanwhile, he claimed that resettled Bhutanese would work for democratic changes in Bhutan in future saying those who have opted resettlement have gained a lot of courage and platform.

“I was amazed to see a resettled refugee family from Beldangi camp in Boston weeks before,” Oli said relating to his recent visit to US. He said, as he got into a taxi he was excited to know that the driver was a resettled Bhutanese from Jhapa.

“He took me to his apartment and I was received warmly by his family. I was able to study their changed mind in the new environment,” he added.

Leader Oli also visited Sanishchare camp and listened to some of the refugees displaced by  fire last week.

(Reported by Parsuram Niraula from Goldhap and Lakpa Tamang from Sanischare for BNS)


  1. Oli jee,

    Political stunts and gimmicks is what the Nepalese politicians do all the time – with others; within themselves. A democratic Nepal has remained without a government for more than two years.

    I wonder how a person of your profile could walk into the former refugee’s apartment in Boston. Go visit a hut in Goldhap, Sanischare, Khudunabari, T Mai and Beldangi with genuine feelings.

  2. It is high time that the Nepal govt.give citizenship certificate to all the Bhutanese refugees regardless of wherever they are at present based on the family linage as their for-fathers migrated to Bhutan from Nepal.It is shame on the Nepali govt.and the people to keep them in the refugee camps for so long when the land left by their for-fathers long ago is being used by you.Stop talking about repatriation and third country resettlement.Start providing them with land and citizenship certificate.Do you know the situation of the resettled Bhutanese in depth? Do you know how strong the mental and spiritual attachment and love they have with Nepal? They have all three more than you the citizens have.Don’t you all feel shame to side line them like this? Nepal govt. took part in the bilateral talks and verification, but it did nothing more than taking tons and tons of gold and money as bribe from Bhutan play with the lives of these innocent victims of the systematic ethnic cleansing carried out by Bhutan govt. with the Help of India n govt.
    I request every commentator to comment on this only after a thorough understanding of what I wrote here in a few sentences.Don’t allow yourself to be carried away by the emotion and sentiment but come to the reality and need of the future generation including materials and spiritual needs.

  3. I am quite fascinated to read that Mr.KP Sharma Oli the former Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal visited the relocated Bhutanese house in Boston, US. I think that was real worth doing so. If he ever comes to Tucson I like to host him not only Oli but anybody from Nepal. Mr. KP Sarma Oliji you are welcome to my house as well. This is just the social aspect of the part of our rich culture.
    But the main question is that what will be the fate of the Bhutanese who choose to remain in the camps. Will the Nepal governments grant the citizenship to those who are patriotic to Nepal and want to assimilate with in the mainstream of the Nepalese society?
    Logically Nepal government is obliged to assimilate the people those who wanted to stay in Nepal. And understandably, there are more than 3000 people living in the vicinity of the Bhutanese refugee camps actively seeking registration for the third country resettlement. They are more than a headache to the government and UNHCR. Therefore, referring for resettlement would best serve the purpose of the both the parties.
    Thank you

  4. in bhutanese refugee last week the fire break into hut and hut ,it is realy make us sad when we hear this news. and on that day one of the birth(kak) also fly into fire born fire and died in morang and goldhap camp(oli)