UML chief stresses for peaceful movement

Chairman of CPN-UML, Jhala Nath Khanal, on Wednesday opined that exiled Bhutanese should try to fight for their repatriation and democracy through peaceful means as before.

He also said that Nepali people would always be ready to support such activities.

The Bhutanese delegation with UML Chairman Khanal

“UML has always been supporting democratic struggle in Bhutan and would remain so in the upcoming days,” Khanal told a delegation of Druk Nation Congress (DNC) at his residence this afternoon.

During the meeting, DNC President Rongthong Kunley Dorji told Khanal that they have expected possible supports from the government of Nepal to operate a joint office in Kathamndu and run some news bulletins.
In response Khanal said, “UML will always support your peaceful movement to go home,” adding, “I will discuss the matter with leaders of other parties to see what kind of supports would be offered to you.”
“I will discuss with other parties and government regarding the kind of support that we can extend to your struggle,” he added.
He also said the UML-led government has provided logistic support to leader Tek Nath Rizal. “We will discuss about similar supports to other leaders as well,” Khanal added.