UK Bhutanese perform Durga Pooja

The Bhutanese community in the United Kingdom mark Durga Pooja as the community pandit performs pooja (Picture courtesy : Bhutanese Association in the UK)

The Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK marked the 2012 Dashai occasion with the performance of Durga Pooja Sunday amidst a special programme in Greater Manchester.

Resettled Bhutanese from Sheffield, Bradford and Greater Manchester came together to celebrate the event, it is learnt.

Community Pandit performs Pooja (Picture courtesy : Bhutanese Association in the UK)

The programme started with mangalacharan and recitation of 13 adhaya Chandi padth by pandit Tara Nidi Niroula which was followed by a welcome speech by the Chairperson Durga Giri and presentation of various cultural songs, dances and caricatures, stated a press circular issued by organization earlier today.

The young Bhutanese artists from different boroughs rocked the programme supplimented by balan, sangini and maruni dance by the elderly participants, added the statement.

Meanwhile, senior citizens Dr. Prakash Subedi, Dr. Suresh Chauwan, Yam Khadka, Som Subba who represented community from Sheffield and Kewal Wagley from Bratford expressed felicitation and dashai best wishes to the community.

The community members attending Durga Pooja

The programme concluded with the distribution of Phulpati to every Bhutanese Hindu households for Vijay dasami tika ceremony.

On behalf of the Association Vice-Chair K.N Pokhrel thanked the volunteers, artists and participants for making the programme a grand success.

“The Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK would also like to extended its best wishes to the entire Bhutanese in the diaspora for happy Dashai and Tihar 2012.”


  1. Hello Mr. Khandu,

    Man, rather than blaming for such holy work, it would be best for yourself and too your internal mind would be purified , had your parents educated you at home with regards to respecting others’ good deeds. Here, what I feel is you may not be KHANDU, for name sounds you believe in Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy teaches people to respect others’ deeds, love and respect the mankind.
    But, the way how you have used your time blaming somebody’s approach in respecting their traditional believes reads, you have many more to learn to be a real human being.
    If my words hurt you in any ways, I beg pardon for that. My intention is not to hurt you in either way.
    May god bless you and your family.