UK Bhutanese observe Int’l Women Day


The Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK (BWA) earlier this week observed this year’s International Women Day amidst a community gather.

“The intention of the event was to bring Bhutanese women living in Manchester, UK bring women together to show their hidden talents and abilities which might become breakthrough in their career and future prospective,” a statement issued by BWA on March 9.

Resettled Bhutanese in the UK take part in Int' Women Day celebration Picture courtesy: BWA/Bhadri Subadi
Resettled Bhutanese in the UK take part in Int’ Women Day celebration. Picture courtesy: BWA/Bhadri Subadi

According to Prem Giri, the program was themed, as express ourselves, and around 50 women from various age groups became a part of it.

Despite the language barrier within group, they came forward and express their strengths, talents and day to day challenges living in country having different culture, added the statement.

BWA said the program was inaugurated in a traditional manner by pancha kanya enchanting various Sanskrit mantras. It was followed by cultural program, poem recitation and also a debate on a use of Nepali language in UK where everyone has to speak English.

Various participants including some schoolgirls expressed their aspirations, thoughts and challenges on the topic.

“Moreover, they also expressed their concerns about their parents spoken English,” BWA Chairperson Durga Giri said.

“Due to a language barrier, several Bhutanese have been facing difficulties in attending hospital, shopping, traveling, and searching jobs.”