UK Bhutanese holds Gurudham

Lhasama Khelne, Lama Hun Ma! Jadau Parameshwora!!

The Summer Solstice has just passed and it’s a time for Udhauli Puja according to the part of Bhutanese culture. The Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK Sunday conducted a Gurudham performed by three Jhankris.

Jhakris and observers during the Gurudham in UK

Close to 9 a.m. in the morning, the community members from several cities gathered at Stamford Hall in Ashton, Greater Manchester. Some of the members, specially living in Ashton, constructed Thaan (a temporary temple where the Jhankris revere their Gurus and perform the ceremony).

 Dilli Ram Pokhrel and Shiva Lal Dhimal, two Jhankris dressed up into their costumes and started the performance. After a short break, another Jhankrri Dik Bir Dhakal joined the duo and the performance continued for about six hours with a few breaks in between.

Several community members from different counties, present as audiences were seen chatting on several topics.

The topic they talked at length was taking the culture together in the new country along with integration and adjusting themselves in the new environment.

‘We have brought a new culture to the new home’ said Pandi Tara Nidhi Niraula, as he explained the reason why the event was conducted. ‘Our culture and tradition is our identity and should get continued in the best way possible’.

‘We made no sacrificial offerings but offered just fruits to the demigods’ told three Jhankris in the same tone.

The audiences were served with tea, juices and rice pudding.

Closing the event, Programme Director of the Association, Prem Giri, expressed gratitude to the community members who rendered support to make the Gurudham successful.

‘We are committed to preserve our culture and impart it to the future generation. The success of today’s programme has inspired us to do much better in the days to come’ said Giri.

He further added, ‘Each society is diverse in its culture and respect to any of its forms means growing every individual and society as a whole’.

The Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK has been carrying out various religious and traditional events despite being one of the youngest diasporic groups compared to the Bhutanese communities in other resettlement countries.


  1. Out there! Those wicked spiritists are going to pollute the good name of UK from where the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ was propagated to the whole world. Turning to lessor gods and no gods will reduce the status of the individuals and nations associated with them. Away with this evil cult before the rod of communism reaches to strike the dead to consciousness!!

  2. these type of events have many advantages .It is a meeting place for senior community members .It also makes them feel comfrtable as they have been doing this for years .The yourger generations also meet their corresponding age groups from other towns and cities .The community leaders plan for future as this can be used as meeting oppertunity.
    Coming to gurudham I am not sure whether it will cure anyone .It was a good entertainment at display and it was unique for us .I am sure everybody enjoyed the day .
    if I do one hour session of gurudham a week probably I will be healthy man

  3. Gurudham in UK? I think this is one of the ugliest and funniest piece of news article I have read in a long time. I have heard that there are some educated resettled folks there, but I was wrong. Do not make these innocent people jokers. Educate them to integrate in the new place. Do not encourage these kinds of dead habits , people will laugh at you guys. Encourage some good practices and habits that will help them and their children. Gurudham? Not again please.

  4. Dear Jigme and BB Lamgadhey
    Yes, you are absolutely correct that this news article is ugliest, funniest,pollutant and an embarrassing one. Hi there, please do not tar us with the same brush because our members from Takin Association , UK who are also the resettled Bhutanese in the UK were not present and are totally against this barbaric beliefs. [.deleted by editors.]

  5. I dont understand what the resettled Bhutanese are doing? Seems very confused in new location.It seems that UK bhutanese do not find the proper way to get participated in any fruitful work.
    By conducting Gurudham ,doesn’t preserve the culture. Folks, it is time to compensate your 20 years lost time and do some thing good work. Be civilized and update yourself with a new era. Teach these frustrated Jakris about the new world. Help them to understand about safety,securities,importance of health,domestic violence and many more. [.deleted by editors.]

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