UK Bhutanese formed new executive body

The outgoing and incoming executive members BWA/photo Santoshi Gurung

Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK held its Annual General Meeting and election on September 18 at 180 Whitehall Street Rochdale, Manchester, UK.

Durga Giri, outgoing Chair of BWA who served the community for last two terms, opened the meeting  by welcoming the guests and members in attendance. In the opening remarks Giri expressed his deep appreciations to all the committee members for their help and support for last two years. He also made special mention of some imminent individuals whose contributions were remarkable in shaping up BWA. He welcomed new members who have recently come from the EU countries and resettled in the UK.

The outgoing and incoming executive members BWA/photo Santoshi Gurung
The outgoing and incoming executive members BWA/photo courtesy: Santoshi Gurung

Mrs Bhadri Subedi, outgoing Vice Chairperson, engaged the attendees in a brainstorming session assigning them group task. The group task rationally demonstrated that members focus on common goal despite sharing difference of opinions. She also used colour cards to illustrate some aspects of human characteristics and behavioral attributes.

Durga Giri gave an update of the programs successfully organised by BWA in the past two years. He credited the committee members and general members, women’s group, well-wishers and supporters.

Ghanashyam Pokhrel, outgoing Treasurer gave updates on financial situation of BWA. He provided printed copies of financial statement to all the attendees in the meeting. He also made a power point presentation to explain the full details.

The outgoing chairman declared the dissolution of the old management committee and welcomed the new executive members by presenting khada. Reaffirming his commitment for continuous support he expressed his belief that the new committee shall definitely take BWA to a new height.

Then Election Commission consisting of KN Pokhrel and Dr. Prakash Subedi took over the meeting and with election of new committee members.

After discussing all nominations, the meeting overwhelmingly supported and elected new executive team consisting of following members:

  • Yam Khadka – Chairman
  • Kishor Budathoki – Vice-Chair
  • Sita Ram Pokhrel – Secretary
  • Sabrita Giri – Treasurer

Further, the Executive Team nominated following members to reach full quorum of Central Working Committee:

  • Phauda Monger – Area representative (Bury)
  • Juna Rai – Area representative (Ashton)
  • Ganga Khadka – Area representative (Rochdale)
  • Ratan Acharya – Area representative (Salford)
  • Bhadri Subedi – representative from Women’s Group

Position for Youth representative and project director is now open.

The new Chairman, Yam Khadga, thanked everyone and outlined his vision to provide direction and leadership to the organization. He expressed his interest to create a Review Advisory Panel, review and improve membership procedure, communication strategy and partnership working. He also mentioned that the new committee would look at avenues to bring projects/activities for children, youths and elderly people for their empowerment.

Outgoing project director Prem Giri thanked all the members for their active cooperation in running projects during his tenure.

All outgoing committee members were presented khada in appreciation of their hard work and contribution to the community.

The meeting was formally concluded by the newly elected Chairman.

Note: Sitaram Pokhrel contributed to this news from UK. 


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