Two hunger strikers hospitalized; health of other deteriorates

At least two participants of the ongoing hunger strike from Pathri refugee camp of Sanischare of Morang district have been hospitalized today as the protest marks the fourth-day.
Kids display placards at hunger strike program in Sanischare/Lakpa Tamang

Sulochana Tamang, 39, and Dhan Maya Bhusal, 35, were rushed to Damak-based AMDA Hospital this afternoon following their referral from its medical attendants.

“Their health condition has been worsening,” Community Health Supervisor, Purba Lama, told Bhutan News Service, “We decided to admit them in the hospital since they have crossed 96 hours without food.”
At least 17 asylum seekers, absentees of official registration conducted in 2006 by the UNHCR and the Government of Nepal, and registered exiled Bhutanese but without identity cards or whose rations have been suspended due to various reasons, have been continuing their hunger strike since Monday demanding registration and refugee status.
Meanwhile, the local authority has been urging the protestors to call back their strike.

Participants of hunger strike
According to Chairman of the Bhutanese Refugee Representative Repatriation Committee, Dr. Bhampa Rai, the authority has warned that it would apply force to make the strikers withdraw their protest programs.
However, the agitators have said they would not agree to withdraw the strike unless their demands are met.
The group leading the protest has been claiming that around 3,190 are in need of their refugee status.
Reported by Lakpa Tamang for BNS from Sanischare camp


  1. Why is authority trying to use the energy to stop the ongoing relay when the victims preferred the peaceful road? Who is this authority, the RCU, UNHCR or the camp management committee? Why are they playing on the fragile status of the mass?
    People need to fear if there are chances of splitting of family crews but if the family itself is demolished then what is there to fear. So get your stand and achieve the goal. OUR WISHES.