Twin blasts rock Bhutan leaving four Indian nationals injured


Two improvised explosive devices (IED) that exploded in the border town of Phuentsholing Monday evening at 6:30 pm injured at least four Indian nationals and caused some minor damages.

Both the explosions took place just opposite to Peljorling Hotel just within a time period of five minutes, confirmed the state authority.

Of the injured two were working in Phuntsholing and other two being the local residents of Jaigaon, wrote the government-owned Keunsel. The injured Indian employees were being treated in a local hospital, according to reports.

The explosion which was seen just a few days ahead of the royal wedding that is taking place on Thursday also caused some damage to Peljorling Hotel. No employees of the Hotel have been reported to be injured during the serial blasts. However, the blasts also damaged two vehicles on the park.

The police officials claimed they recovered some pieces of metal rods and blades at the blast sites and even warned residents to be cautious during the wedding session.

Indian media reports said Bhutanese border security has remained more alert to control any possible threats during the wedding period.

Meanwhile, an underground outfit, United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan (URFB), has claim the responsibility of the serial blasts.

“On the eve of Royal wedding, to draw the attention of the King Jigme Keshar Wangchuk towards the gross national sufferings of the Bhutanese people, the URFB ignited two explosives at Phuentsholing,” the Front’s Commander-in-Chief Karma said in a statement issued Tuesday morning.

The statement said, it would be inappropriate to describe the cause and the kind of sufferings of the Bhutanese people as everyone is aware and it has been continuing since the reign of previous king Jigme Singye Wangchuk who had laid down the foundation stones of these existing and emerging sufferings of Bhutanese people in Bhutan.

“The Bhutan history will never forgive and forget the deeds of the previous despotic ruler.”

Karma further said in his statement that the URFB would like to congratulate the King and the new Queen with a little hope that their majesties would not follow the steps of previous King who have compelled the Front to follow the path of violence.

He also claimed that the ball is inside the King’s court that would decide the Front’s future actions.

Earlier this year in May, a similar IED was exploded in the same town. The authority had blamed the exiled ground for the explosion.

The country saw the first blast in 2006 and three serial blasts in 2008 in Phuentsholing itself. However, the authority has already failed to figure out who has been operating such explosions in the country.

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