Tulsa chronicles untold story in her book ‘Uprooted’


Tulsa Sharma, the first Nepali-speaking Bhutanese to earn a college degree from Dagana district in the Southern Bhutan, has published a book titled “Uprooted: The Unheard Story of the Bhutanese People of Nepali Origin”.

Published by the Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the first time writer narrates her own story, from her childhood to the newly adopted American life, in an attempt to chronicle the state-sponsored ethnic cleansing of Bhutan.

The Tulsa's book cover
The Tulsa’s book cover

The publisher claims, “The book follows Goshi from her childhood in a small village in Bhutan to her adolescence and schooling, and finally into her adulthood, all the while giving insight and understanding into the events leading up to the exile of the Bhutanese people.”

“She tells of their endurance and resilience, challenges and hardships; of how over a 100,000 of these people were marginalized from being part of a multicultural society and forced to fee the only home they knew to live as refugees in camps in eastern Nepal for seventeen years straight late 1980s.”

Commenting on her book, Dr Lakshmi Dhakal said, the book describes a village through a lens of simplicity.

According to him, not only as a victim but also as a narrator, a participant and yet a resilient person, such a write-up needs to be read by youths and educators not only to understand the true story of the people uprooted from their homes, their pain and sufferings, but also to feel emotions and flashbacks.

The writer, who has established herself as Goshi in the book, arrived in Virginia through the federally funded third country resettlement program in 2008. She is married to Bhutanese scholar and writer, Dr Narendra Sharma. The couple have two children.

The book is of 90 pages, and is available for purchase from the publisher and amazon. It’s priced US $11.


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