Tsirang readying for electricity


Dec 28: The electrification in Tsirang is gaining momentum in the recent years, as government prepared for extension of power supply to rural areas as well. 

The residents of Dunglagang and Shemjong blocks in Tsirang district are hiring electricians for internal wiring in their houses with hopes to receive power supply within next year. 

This has benefited the suppliers of wires, tubes, bulbs, sockets, and other electrical equipment. Few electricians, who received two-months training from the government, of the villages seem to get busy with the start of the New Year. 

Till date, the villagers depend on lamp lit through kerosene for lightning purposes. The villagers also expressed happiness that they would be able to charge their mobiles at home, which until now had to purchase batteries on exhaustion. 

Electrification of the 262 households in Shemjong in expected to complete in seven months and 332 households in Dunglagang in 10 months.


  1. This is a very encouraging news indeed by the New DPT Govt and New Dynamic King. Socially, this is praise worthy cause to the innocent deprived people of those areas for many years.

    However, there is a big political question and quest to be answered. Why now? What is the motive? Is the regime not trying to play divide and rule policy?
    Many development in Bhutan to the South has emerged after the initiatives of third country settlement, New DPT govt in Bhutan and New King?

    Which has played the main part is a a million dollar ???? but it is clear that RGOB is changing the attitude towards the lhotasampas again. However cautious they may be, the game of politics has no rules, lets hope they will not success to divide the resettlers and insiders, lets hope that the initiative of the new DPT and New got is genuine, lets hope that Rongthong will make some significant changes, lets hope that the half filled head in RGOB who are in influencial position will not poison the brain of young King with communal nuclear electronics.
    After all the 5th King is a product of the western education and he has the capability to see the wider horizon of democracy.
    Over all the sign and development in Bhutan are very promising but this needs a long and strategic watch.
    All the best for the people of Tsirang