Tshering Tobgay elected Prime Minister


After securing majority seats in the lower house of Bhutanese parliament, PDP’s president, Tshering Tobgay qualifies for being elected as the country’s second democratic Prime Minister for next five years through a secret ballot of all elected representatives of his party.

PM-elect Tshering Tobgay
PM-elect Tshering Tobgay

PDP’s party ideology of wangtse chirphel is what followed in this secret ballot of choosing an able leader for the country.

Tobgay is known to have insisted on ballot cast by all members of the National Assembly, irrespective of the party which they represent.

According to Article 17 section 1 of the constitution of Bhutan, the king will confer dakyen to the leader of nominee of the party which wins the majority seats in National Assembly.

 There is no any date stipulation as yet when he will take the oath of office and appoint the cabinet ministers.

“The names of the ministerial candidates will be first  endorsed by the executive committee which is likely to sit for the purpose on July 21. Then only it will be presented to the His Majesty for official protocol”, reads the press statement issued by the party spokesperson, Tandin Wangmo.

PM-elect Tobgay has a degree in mechanical engineering from the Penn State University PA and Master’s in public administration from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2004.