TPO marks World Suicide Prevention Day


Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO) Nepal organized a program to mark the World Suicide Prevention Day (ISPD) amidst various activities in Beldangi-II, Saturday.

Participants at the program/Tilak Niraula

Various stage performances, street drama and essay writing competitions became part of the celebration attended by various camp-based organizations and aid-agencies, informed the organizer.

The organizer also claimed that the event was first of its kind in the camps, aimed at raising awareness among the exiled Bhutanese.

Speaking at the program, Camp Secretary of Beldangi camps, Dhan Bir Subba, highlighted the challenges and risk factors of increasing number of suicide cases in the camps.

The World Health Organization estimates that about one million people around the world die by suicide every year.

In Nepal the number of suicide cases has been increasing over the last few years.

Even in the camps, the number was reportedly higher after the start of the third country resettlement program, claimed the Camp Secretary.

Reported by Tilak Niraula from Beldangi-II for Bhutan News Service


  1. hahaha again here comes some piece of crap..sorry for my language. But doing some stage programs and dancing sexily dressed cannot make any difference i bet. Now a days stage programs in camps turned to distract our community from our tradition..rarely Nepali songs are played.
    If you really wanted to make a difference assist the people who are in real danger of suicidal tendency. I hope people who wants to suicide doesn’t do it without any cause..and also i do believe that he/she will not attend the programs you guys are is sad news that some one from our community is thinking to commit suicide while you guys are conducting irritating stage program there.