Tornado displaces several resettled Bhutanese in MA


Reports coming in say that several resettled Bhutanese in West Springfield, Massachusetts have become homeless after a powerful tornado hit the city on Wednesday.

According to a source, At least 100 Bhutanese resettled in West Springfield, Massachusetts, have been taking refuge in a shelter setup in West Springfield Middle School by the American Red Cross.

Meanwhile, there are no any reports of injury or deaths in the Bhutanese community there during the disaster.

“A number of Massachusetts communities are confronting the long and painful task of rebuilding shattered lives and livelihoods Friday, just days after three deadly tornadoes flattened more than 200 homes, killed at least three people and scattered debris across the state,” wrote one local paper, Friday.

Details to follow.


  1. Dear Editor,
    I am a regular visitor of you site. When it comes to Bhutanese community in the US, I do not miss a post.
    However,you did not live to my expectations this time. SO much has happened and you tend to brush-off with a spoonful of inaccurate reporting. I too believe that you have a lot of people in the area who are capable of reporting the essentials. Please do not mislead the people. Check your figures and confirm them through resources available, or else do not finger-dip.
    Hope you will update as promptly as possible and edit this post.


  2. Dear Editor:

    I support Eric’s opinion.

    People visit Bhutan News Service for latest news and developments, and BNS supposed to be the first one to report whatever terrible things have happened to Bhutanese settled in West Springfield. Bhutanese resettled here in Massachusetts, became homeless, for the second time in their lives, and it was not something small and minor. Unfortunately, it took Bhutan News Service two days to report tornado devastation. Eric is right by claiming that there are many people live in this area that are capable of reporting this tragedy. Many of them regularly post comments here on BNS, criticizing me and revealing my personal business to the whole world and warn other Bhutanese to be careful when dealing with me.

    Anyway, this is not the time to criticize, but this is the time to offer help to those who have been suffered. I personally know many Bhutanese residents whose cars were damaged badly, but auto insurance companies have refused to pay for the damage because they had only liability (One way) insurance policy. Many Bhutanese have lost their expensive properties like laptops, TVs, I Pods, and many other valuables like that.

    I have seen few Bhutanese dignities like President of Bhutanese Society of Western Massachusetts, Mr. Hari Khanal, local in charge of Lutheran Social Services, Pastor. Ashok Naar, Mr. Bhandu Adhikari and Mr. Ram Rai, inside the shelter to offer their support to the tornado victims, and I admire their services to Bhutanese community. A very well known Nepalese pastor also came from Boston, Massachusetts and visited the shelter.

    I also feel guilty why I waited one whole day to report this news to Bhutan News Service, but I am glad Bhutan news Service posted my report within few hours and I appreciate BNS for its quick action. It took me almost all day walking around the affected areas and then to transport few Bhutanese resettled friends to the shelter, and I did not have much time to sit in front of the computer.

    I must add one thing here: Many people in USA, especially, in Massachusetts, initially did not realize how serious the damage was. Probably they thought since there were only 35 people who got hurt and only four people died, so it was not that bad. But later, it turned out to be more serious than it was thought earlier. In West Springfield, Springfield and Westfield areas, all schools are still open. Today, I was surprised to see classes were in session right next to a large room that is being used as temporary shelter, regardless of the fact, a state of emergency has been declared.

    I personally know Bhutan News Service has a permanent reporter in Springfield. I suggest Bhutan News Service to replace its reporter in Springfield, Massachusetts, who obviously, failed to report this important news to Bhutan news Service. What is good having a reporter if that reporter does not bother visiting the affected areas, talking to the victims, taking photos and videos for BNS readers and visitors? If this reporter is too busy with is job or personal matters, he should leave this responsibility to someone else who can do the job.

    I am criticizing Bhutan news Service because I love this website and want to see it doing a better job of keeping its readers informed of all the important issues and latest developments, quickly.

    Thank God none of Bhutanese resettled lost his life, or got injured seriously.

    I pray to God for those non-Bhutanese, a mother who lost her life while trying to save her 15-year old daughter, and a 23-year old young man who died when a tree fell on his car in West Springfield.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Massachusetts, USA