Top Ten Finalist of Barsha Best Performer Announced; Finale on December 26


The grand finale of ‘Barsha Best Performer 2015’ is set for December 26, 2015 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The first audition round of the singing show, ‘Bersha Best Performer’, started from July, 2015 with 40 aspiring resettled Bhutanese singers from different states of America. According to organizer, the program’s Live streaming will be broadcasted through ‘youtube’ and Rerun through White Himal Television.

The top ten finalist of Barsha Best Performer have completed their last studio performance and have already been assessed by the judges. Those ten contestant are Naina Monger, Deoka Bhandari, Gopal Mongar, Shiva Rai, Damu Tiwari, Ramesh Kadel, Sahara Rai, Jeetendra Giri, Santa Kafley, and Baba Khaling. Their scores have not been disclosed yet. The voting lines to vote for all ten contestants are open till December 3, 2015, Thursday 9 PM EST. The evaluator board includes famous Nepali singer Promod Kharel from Kathmandu, Nepal, Bhutanese singers Balaram Gurung from Pittsburgh, PA and Damber Kapaung from Fargo, ND.

Top Ten Contestants of Barsha Best Performer-2015. Photo: Sakshyam Group
Top Ten Contestants of Barsha Best Performer-2015.
Photo: Sakshyam Group

Barsha Best Performer is a Nepali signing series organized by Sakcham Group, an artists’ group based in Pittsburgh run and managed by resettled Bhutanese youths and supported by Barsha Jewelers in association with other business entities. According to organizer, the show is a talent contest to decide the best new singer among the resettled Bhutanese youngsters based on viewer voting and participation. It is independently produced and is not a licensed adaptation.

There are so many talented artists born and grown in the refugee camps in Nepal. Due to the lack of resources, exposure and opportunities they remained always under the shadow. Very few could exhibit their talents on their own and became successful and even have produced music albums in the past.
One of the main sponsors of this event Bhanu Phuyel, who runs Barsha Jewelers in Pittsburgh, says, ‘This is an approach to respect and promote the talents of our young brothers and sisters. Small opportunity sometimes can change the life of an individual so differently. All the contestants who participated in this event have learnt a lot and are determined to excel their skills in better ways. I am glad to be a part in promoting the hidden, otherwise, totally unnoticed talents of our younger generations.’

The top four contestants of the season will be awarded with a gift and token of love, along with the opportunity to sing two songs that will be featured in a compilation album. The winner of the season will get an opportunity to get a week long trip to Caribbean Cruise for free for 2, the organizer has stated.