Time to sympathize fire victims


By Vidhyapati Mishra and Arjun Pradhan

Beldangi-I, March 8: A fire that broke out from Beldangi-I A/2 hut number 202 that belonged to Padamlal Biswakarma yesterday evening turned 13 other huts into ashes, while eight other huts with bamboo and thatch were dismantled, according to camp management committee of the camp.   

Beldangi residents working to bring fire under  control
Beldangi residents working to bring fire under control/Arjun Pradhan

Some 250 people including three dozens of school children were displaced by fire and are taking shelter in Green Vale Academy.

According to the camp based Armed Police Force this fire destroyed properties worth 200,000 Nepali rupees. “The victims have lost many things including their valuate documents,” said a police personnel attending the displaced. (Listen to fire voxpop)

Family members of Biswakarma commented to Bhutan News Service that one of them noticed fire break at once and were unaware of the actual cause. 

Various aid agencies including major donors reached the spot to sympathize fire victims this morning.

P5080380Youth Friendly Center was playing crucial role in calculating the loss incurred by fire and volunteering for various rescue and relief packages.

“These guys are more active in managing the situation,” said center’s coordinator Fr. Peter, associated with Caritas Nepal.

He said they have managed break fast for victims this morning. “We are looking ways to extend more supports these victims need,” he added.

The Lutheran World Federation that looks after construction of huts has said they would start building huts very soon.

AMDA Nepal staffs were seen in the field for immediate medical treatments for the displaced. “We have just started our investigation,” said one of its nurses.

“We are looking to attend pregnant ladies and children with priority beside those who got wounded yesterday.”

Camp secretary T.B. Gurung said all volunteers in camps have been mobilized to render possible assistances to the victims. “We have formed a committee led by the camp supervisor, Harka Bahadur Rai, for smooth and prompt responses,” Gurung told BNS. 

“Like in last January, I am appealing every resettled Bhutanese to share this pain by extending possible supports to the victims,” he added.

Majority of those displaced narrated that they even got their documents burnt. “We lost all documents given by the UNHCR and IOM while we were being processed for resettlement,” lamented a woman ready to leave for America.

Early this year, the same camp witnessed similar outbreak that gutted 76 huts displacing some 500 individuals. Among seven camps, this has created a fire history in exile.


  1. This news of fire really hurts me.I sympathise to all those who are affected by the fire.It is dry season and the huts are quick to fire,Iwish these sorts of disaster be avoided.
    I express my deep sympathy for all our fellow country men who are directly or indirectly affected.
    Prayers for all injured for their early recovery.

  2. Well, it is a horrible news once again. I really feel sorry for the victims of the inferno. The season being dry, people should be cautious about the fire.
    Also it is the time for the resettled Bhutanese to show sympathy to those victims.