TIA denies to aboard flight


At least two families who had reached the Kathmandu-based Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) to leave for the West through third country resettlement program were denied to aboard flight.

Our camp based correspondent informed that the 10-member family of Bhim Bahadur Khadka and two-member family of Bal Bahadur Thapa were made to return back to their temporary huts in Sanischare refugee camp.

The returnees quoted the Immigration Department officials at the TIA as saying that Khadka’s son was physically unwell to travel and that the travel document for Thapa family was expired.


  1. This is a joke..I wish leaders approaching different offices for political set up should have intereferedcritically here. Lets play the need base politics guys. I feel so sorry for the family.
    What right this family has in process of getting the TD and its expiry. This is another form of corruption nepalese officials are doing.
    So the bunch of leaders in Kathmandu, if you have gone for hunger strike for these peiople we would have appreciated you.

    At the moment we have to focus on the need on the ground and not aspiration and vision.

  2. If the TD had expired the gouts in the airport have a right, if some body was just sick but then has all the legal documnets to fly, they do not. It may though depend upon the stage of the sickness. In this case it does not look to be too serious to be denied his hard earned flight. We should not forget that the most cruel nepalese so-called officers-suckers in the KTM airport are the most denounced humans on earth.

    And Who cares for the poor and innocent!We our selves craze for chairs, status, GHOOS; MONEY ……and all the illigality that exist! The leaders in kathmandu !!!!!!

  3. Dear Friends,
    Please calm down! Let the process work. It has been working so far until this one incident.It does not mean that we make a hue and cry of one incident and jeopardize all the rest coming in near future. As much as we all empathize with the families in trouble, we must give them hope and optimism, not clamouring for the vicious words. I trust that they will come and there are many more Bhutanese to come through the same check gates. No matter what, plse do not stoop too low to blame the same country/and its officials that gave our people asylum for last 20 years! It was not perfect and never will be anywhere, but appreciate the very gestures supported by some good actions.
    Thank you for your understanding of the process and the working of the system which I hope will be in fairness to all, and such incidents will not occur again.
    Wishing very best to the families for an early flight abroad
    Dick Chhetri

  4. I think no body has to make a hue and cry or stoop too low just to express a few angry words to those who deserve. It is just natural. Especially, when one has an experience with these crooks; one would not for sure rummage around for decent words. I for one would not ABSOLUTELY! Sorry friends!
    If the comment of Mr. Dick hinted me, let me make it clear that I am not reprimanding the Nation at all; what I am doing here is just talking about some felons who are robbing off the national ethics and virtues of Nepal. While I have my highest regard and respect for Nepal, I wish there were at least some people in such pivotal areas working conscientiously and ethically for the name and prosperity of the country.