Three State Bhutanese show up in one-stage program in Massachusetts


Resettled Bhutanese residing in Manchester, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Hartford in Connecticut organized a joint cultural program today.

According to Bhuwan Gautam, the program was organized at the Rebbica Johnson School in Springfield in Massachusetts by Bhutanese youths residing in Western Massachusetts in the initiation of Ago Raj Gurung.

Young artists rock the floor in Springfield, MA. Photo Courtesy/Bhuwan Gautam

“The program was aimed at promoting our culture and tradition,” said Gautam, who further informed BNS over telephone that the program was managed with the funds collected by Bhutanese youths, who had played ‘deusi-bhailo’ during Tihar festival some months back.

Gautam further informed that the young artists from all three States rocked the floor with various shows including folk dance, solo song, among others, which in particular depicted their cultural values. It is reported that some poem recitation shows were other attraction of the program.

The First Generation, a centre that teaches art and theater skills in the Springfield helped the organizer to manage the program hall. Julie Litchberg, Program Coordinator of the Generation also participated during the program.

According to the organizer of the program, around 200 Bhutanese showed up their participation during the program.


  1. Bravo..!! Its a wonderful piece of news. Probably its the first time fellowmen of three states met for a noble cause; culture protection and promotion. Americanization means a lot to us, but to adorn with cultural sentiments amidst growing cultural fallacy is probably the only middle-way to transition. Thumbs up guys…!!!

  2. Dear all readers:

    I was lucky enough to be invited to this Bhutanese cultural show. I have attended many of Bhutanese gatherings in Massachusetts and in New Hampshire in the past, but honestly, today’s cultural in Springfield, Masaschusetts, was the best of all of the shows and gatherings of Bhutanese friends, I ever attended.

    The show started at 5:00 P.M., and it was the perfect time for those people who worked all day. Many people feared that expected snow storm will scare many people off and they will not come to attend the show. Thank God that did not happen, and snow did not start falling until the end of the show. As a matter of fact, guests from other states, like New Hampshire and Connecticut had reason to be fearful because it started to snow soon after the show ended, and the roads became very slippery. Many of their Bhutanese friends offered their homes to their out of state Bhutanese friends to stay for the night but to the best of my knowledge, no guest chose to stay out of fear of getting on icy and slippery roads, and drove to their homes.

    I also aware of the fact that dozens of Bhutanese did not come tomeeting just because they did not have rides. Many of Bhutanese in Springfield, West Springfield and Westfield areas of Masaschusetts have cars but still there are so many of Bhutanese in the area who do not have their own cars yet, and they depend on others for ride. Laws in America, prohibit ride by more than 4 passengers in a 4 passeners car, and a driver can get in trouble by Police for having more than 4 passengers in a 4-passenger car. (Most cars in America have only 4 seats for passengers).

    First of all, Bhutanese people from three neighboring states were united under one umberella, secondly, Hindu Bhutanese and Christian Bhutanese both attended this show in large numbers. It was a “House-Full” show, and not a single seat was empty, and many people hand to stand to watch the show. I think there were atleast 50 American guests in the show. All of them seemed to be enjoying this show very much. Most of the announcements and speeches were translated in English for the convenience of those who do not speak Nepali language, like myself. Indian songs and American music also was played.

    One of my Bhutanese friend, Mr. Chhatra Basnet, from Westfield, Masaschusetts, delivered his very intelligent and impressive speech and admitted the fact that many of Bhutanese refugees parents are uneducated, but predicted that their sons and daughters will do much better than their uneducated parents. And I agree with Mr. Basnet 100%. I am deeply impressed by the young Bhutanese former refugees progress.

    Former Bhutanese refugees, especially young people have proved that they are not less smarter than any other youngsters in the world. I surely, see bright future of young Bhutanese living here in America.

    It was so nice to see many of those Bhutanese people who came here from other states, were very well-known to me. Some of them provided me a separate room to sleep in their homes during my visit to their homes. I can never forget their hospitality.

    I am sure most of the Bhutanese guests from all over Masaschusetts, know me very well.

    I felt being honored for being invited to this cultural show, and I am thankful to organizers of this cultural show for nviting me.

    In my view, this was not just some kind of music or dance show, but in fact, it was a show of force, a show of Bhutanese strength, and it was a voice of former Bhutanese refugees resettled here in America, that can never be ignored or silenced.

    The Chief Guest of this show, made a comment in his speech that in just a 2 year period, these Bhutanese refugees have done so well that any one easily imagine, how well these Bhutanese will do in next 20 years. No doubt, former Bhutanese refugees will have so much power in next 20 years.

    Mr. Bhuwan Gautam, who sent this report to Bhutan News Service, is my friend and I do not mean to discredit him, but I am sure there were not 200 guests but there were more than 200 guests. I did not count the heads but I saw them, and I walked around the hall many times, and I am sure there were more than 200 guests.

    This show was nothing but a great success for those young organizers like my friend, Mr. Ago Raj Gurung, who I witnessed working very hard to make this show a success.

    God Bless former and current Bhutanese refugees.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha,
    Masaschusetts, USA.

  3. Dear all readers:

    Please watch videos of the cultural show in Springfield, Massachusetts, on Saturday, January 8, 2011, by visiting my youtube page.
    “usamassusa” is my youtube page.
    You can also simply type “Bhutanese party in Massachusetts” in’s search window to watch these videos.


    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha,
    Masaschusetts, USA.

  4. very pleasing and good news
    our community has something unique -we can shine whereever we go
    this type of programme keeps us connected
    really felt satisfied going through the news
    congeatulations and hats off -to all organisers,the valued participants and the audience

  5. Awesome.Thrilled to know of this pleasing and aspiring programme which not only is a show of songs or dance but very importantly a show of united Bhutanese force ever staged.This cultural sentiment presented in New Year, I am sure will bring new hopes & aspirations among Bhutanese resettled in United States and other part of the globe.


  6. It is really good to know that people living in three different states have chosen a single stage to exhibit their talents. This good news comes at a time when people living in the same state are performing on three different stages and competing with each other. Congratulations and keep up the same spirit.