Three-day Purana ends in UK


The Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK (BWA) organized a three-day Purushutam Mahatme Bishnun Purana in Greater Manchester that concluded successfully Sunday.

The program was conducted under the Acharyaship of Pandit Tara Nidi Niroula who offered his services voluntarily for the wellbeing of the entire community, BWA Chairperson Durga Giri said.

Tilak Sashtri, a learned Acharya from Nepal graced the occasion and offered prabachan on Bhagawat Geeta and Vedas, while Bhutanese yogi Kamal Gurung preached the importance of Yoga.

Pancha Kanya and Mandhap Puja marked the opening ceremony, added Giri.

Including Nepalese and Indian communities, Bhutanese devotees of Hindu and Buddhist faith gathered from all over the United Kingdom to be a part of the event.

According to Giri, various cultural activities like sangini, balan and recitation of religious and literary poems, aimed at guiding future generation towards the protection and promotion of culture, were important highlights.

During the closing ceremony, the association honored senior citizens and intellectuals, and also distributed certificates of appreciation to all volunteers and community workers involved.

The community also welcomed newly arrived refugees from camps on the second day of the program.

The main theme of the Purana was to offer prayers for world peace and prosperity and a wish by the community members that no regime be ever allowed to create refugees anywhere in the world.

Picture courtesy : Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK


  1. Mr T.N Niroula is doing great job .He is the former nepali teacher in New Horizon Academy and also he is known for LOUD VOICE AND STRAIGHT WALKING. He is with amazing personality .I wish Mr T.N Niroula do puran in Houston Texas. A VERY LOUD VOICE GUY IS WHAT HE IS KNOWN FOR PEOPLE IN REFUGEE CAMP

  2. Great work done by Pandit Tara Nidhi Niroula and others who involved voluntarily.
    They are doing good job for the protection and promotion of our culture.
    It is also great to know that the main theme of the Puran was to offer prayers for world peace and prosperity.

    Thanks T.N sir, Durga Giri and the team.

  3. Great job Guruji, I am very impressed to know that you are doing such a great and wonderful job for the welfare of human beings, peace and prosperity. Thank you very for the great job you are doing for preserving our culture and I would like to thank the organizer who organized the Puran. I wish you will continue protecting our culture in the coming days also.

  4. Dear Durga Daju and BWA Team,

    Congratulations for your great initiative. You are are lucky to have Pundit TN Niroula in UK. Such programs always helps to preserve and promote our culture and enlighten our future generations.

    With Best Regards,

    Ram Karki
    The Hague.