Three Bhutanese students in Pestolazzi, UK


Thanks to a UK based charitable trust, Pestolazzi International Village Trust, three students from disadvantaged background of Bhutan got scholarships to study in UK for their secondary education.

According to a press release issued by Pestolazzi, of 43 international students selected for International baccalaureate diploma, three came from Bhutan. Thinley Dendup, Dawa Zangmo and Lungten Wangdi supposedly have good stars to get that chance of being international student in UK.

The Bhutanese scholars in UK (Picture courtesy: Pestolazzi)
The Bhutanese scholars in UK (Picture courtesy: Pestolazzi)

‘These three students have amazing life experience with Pestolazzi, representing Bhutan for the first time,’ reads the press statement issued 29 April, 2014. The charity has been sponsoring students of disadvantaged background from all over the world for over 50 years.

The students have been in the UK for nine months now and are well settled in East Sussex village of Sedlescombe.

Thinley,17, the youngest of three says that it is challenging be in new country, adapting to English foods, people and places. “The life at Pestolazzi is with fun and excitement. We are learning and guided in every step. Besides academic, dancing, cooking, going to adventures, celebrating birthdays are fun to learn,” he shares.

For Lungten, eldest of three, his experience in London earlier at London International Model United Nations was incredible, as against his life in small village in Bhutan. He also finds difference in mode of learning. “ The availability of modern technologies and equipment are very distant to Bhutan. The internet services and other high-tech studying materials give more quality.”

Dawa Zangmo, 18, explained how she found her way to get this scholarship to Pestolazzi. “I was told by my teacher about this scholarship and I applied and got it. Everyday I am learning about myself and others in this multi-faith and multi-cultural community,” she adds.

The press release stated : During their second year in Pestolazzi, the students will be able to apply for full scholarship in the universities, mostly in the US, in order to continue their study. Pestolzzi alumni have set that precedence and the Bhutanese students also will follow the trend.

These fortunate students also hope that in Bhutan, old and young alike, will be inspired by their journeys and benefit from Pestolazzi’s ethos of giving back and making difference in the world.

Thinley, Dawa and Lungten are hosting a Bhutanese Cultural Evening on May 29, 2014. They are very much excited about sharing their pristine culture to a vast amalgam of culturally diverse world of England. “It will be a fantastic forum to let the people know about our beautiful kingdom, and I really looking forward to it,” Dawa said elated.

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