Those fulfilling set criteria will be accepted back home : PM Thinley


Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley on Thursday told media persons in Thimphu that his government was positive about solving the long running problems of “people in camps in Nepal” that has persisted over two decades.

He told that the government serious to find a solution to the problem of people in the camps in Nepal that has often been blamed for taking Bhutan-Nepal relations into ransom, reports from inside said.

The Prime Minister expressed the government’s concerns over the people in the camps being one of the biggest problems, which continue to threaten the peace and stability of the country.

PM Thinley

“Presently the position of the government is, we will take back anybody who fulfills the criteria agreed upon between Nepal and Bhutan in the bilateral discussion,” online edition of the Business Bhutan quoted the PM as saying.

He also reinstated that the bilateral talks on the repatriation between the governments of Nepal and Bhutan were stalled after a Bhutanese delegation was assaulted by the mob in the camps.

However, during the press meet, the PM also claimed that Bhutan is interested to initiate bilateral talks with the Nepal government soon.

“We need to resolve the issue quickly but a solution has not been easy to find as the two countries have struggled to find a solution for many years,” he said adding,” Almost a decade after the two governments broke talks on repatriation of people in the camps.”

According to Thinley’s claim, it was he who asked his Nepalese counterpart Dr Baburam Bhattarai to resume discussions on exiled citizens

“Now it appears that the majority of people in the camps have already registered for resettlement in the third world countries,” added the PM.

Interesting he maintained that whatever the status, background or the rights or the lack of rights of the people might be, the fact is because Bhutan is directly associated with the huge population in the camp, it has very strong security and political implications for Bhutan.


  1. i donot believe with this suspensional and nonsence words of pm thiney.he just making fun for exiled citizens of bhutan.when there is end of one hand monarchey system and if thre is declaration of people’s democracy than only there will be minimum possiblity of repartation.

  2. The set criterea mentioned above should be as follows:
    1. The people were in Bhutan till 1990s (before the mushrooming of the camps).
    2. They were Bhutanese with proper census from the time the exercise began in the country to the time they left (under different pressures).
    3. They had properties/landholdings to which they should be brought back. (There is no need to bring the people that had no place to belong to set them floating in Bhutan…)
    4. They should sign genja (legal deal) to abide loyal to the government and participate with rest of the Bhutanese polity rather than seeking their own way to the surprises of the rest.

    All the repatriated people should receive general amnesty for any charges whatsoever to begin national life anew. Nobody other than murderers and vandalisers should serve the prison sentences.

  3. however it is fact that now BHUTAN Govt is starting to play diplomatic to show outside world.nevertheless people will not leave them as it is.unless Bhutan Gov provide their rights and full flagged Democracy to their people.there shouldn’t be any condition for the guanine Bhutanese.

  4. @ Yishai:
    The criteria laid by you here are acceptable. All the people from the camps have some sort of proof that they had land and they lived in Bhutan before 1990. But, there is a big but….is the PM trying to hoodwink the international community or is he really serious about the problem? I doubt here. However, if things happen the way it should be, I think all the remaining people in the camps who did not choose resettlement option will go back to Bhutan.

  5. rata makai, there should not be any more criteria than mentioned here. If more are imposed, it will then set the ball rolling in the court. The tired exiles become that ball. There will be no rest for the weary that waited in expectation to see their homeland for almost a generation now!

    “The PM trying to hoodwink the international community” could be the fact going by the past experience. But “the international community” may have now matured to read between the lines and decipher the hypocricy from mismatch between the expressed commitment and practical action with the time lapses…

  6. Mr Thinley, are you pulling the leg of Baburam ? Had you nothing over your head before ? Did the sweet teeth grow in your mouth so you are talking the sweet things to the people of the camps now ? Do you think the people of the camps are rubish?
    You might have seen the fate of despots and the iron handed leaders in recent years . Who knows the fate of Moumar Gadaffi may be yours too. So act what you say. Time is great no one knows the future.

  7. It is all fake! Another drama to introduce the concept of Gross National Happiness.

    We all know Jigmi Y Thinley is the core supporter of Absolute monarchy in Bhutan, so as to keep this system from ruling our country, he usually give these types of useless thoughts. No real plan, no real feeling over 20% of Bhutanese refugee.

    Manish, USA

  8. Pm, jyt needs appreciation for his acceptance of the facts that the people in the camps are not only bhutanese but genuine bhutanese, and pose security& political implications to the country , and need for repatriation. Now, it is very hard to understand ,is pm jyt is trying to fool the world community, or trying to scale down security & political implications or trying to win votes in next election by giving false propaganda to southern voters.He should have realised this long time back an d taken the steps for repatriation . Otherwise, how pm jyt suddenly came up with the idia of repatriating genuine bhutanese meeting criteria when he had been telling/ lying whole world that the people in camps are no bhutanese all these years. Therefore, we want to see things happening soon otherwise hard to believe what is been mentioned but let us all welcome his bold steps amid opposition from his opposition leader.

  9. Time has come for Bhutan to take the Bhutanese Refugee’s matter seriousely and widely again. It’s not that there won’t be change in Bhutan. Sooner or later there will be change. It’s 21st Century. If RGOB don’t take it seriousely then people of Bhutan or Bhutanese around the world will be compale take it more seriousely to bring the real Democracy in Bhutan. What does the Bhutan Government thinks? and feel proud of? evicting the 100 thousands of people out of the country. No nomore RGOB has to be proud of anything without solving Bhutanese Refugee Problems.I don’t see RGOB’s good future if it fails to address the this long-biggest-importaint and serious matter.
    It’s very clear no any system in this world has been in existance for long time infront of the need of time and people. It’s RGOB who really has to think of !

  10. This is another drama staged to confuse international community. Bhutan was never sincere and serious about solving the refugee issue and it will never be. Sooner they work out the solution to issue will be better for both Nepal and Bhutan. People in the camp have suffered pretty long period time. Prolonging this issue will be highly counterproductive to the peace and stability of the Region as a whole. Third country resettlement program has made their job certainly easier by settling the large chunck of people in different countries of the world but they should focus to manage the remaining mass in the camps.

    What does PM mean by third world countries here? I am guessing he wants to say Third Country Resettlement.
    “Now it appears that the majority of people in the camps have already registered for resettlement in the third world countries,” added the PM”

  11. To practice internationally accepted principles of democracy, maintain universal standard of human rights, to act truthful , and bear the ability to prophese the truth need tremendous knowledge, experiance and sincerity. I would not say anithing about the conspirators because they are the one to spoil the past and playing some tactices today. If this is the real act of repentation as explained by Mahatma Gandhi then their steps of improvement can be accepted. A leader of people is actually the servent of the people and he should always serve them if he has no confusion swirling within him. He could be one of the unanimously elected Prime Minister in future, but not like the puppet of an “Idol” today.

  12. Why are you guys using Prime Minister in front of Jigmi Y Thinley ? He is not by the people, not for the people. He he acting under the direct command of Wangchuck family. Poor him!

    Actually it is all drama to collect the vote from Southerner, and young and educated Bhutanese who feel agreed Bhutanese refugee in Nepal camps need to be repartaited.

    Today, international community clearly see what actually GNH and young democracy means? It all drama to hide the story of Bhutanese refugee.

  13. Nepaless refugees are supposed to remain in Nepal, their own home country. Why are they even called Bhutanese refugees in Nepal, or in their own origin country??? These so-called refugees are betraying both Nepal and Bhutan by carrying out terrorist activiities, looting and muderring innocent Bhutanese civilians and farmer, including women and children and then finally find their save haven in Nepal. Currently, in Bhutan we don’t have any citizens called nepale because, nepali is supposed to be foreign country, and the people living in the south is officially and non-officially termed as Lhotshampa, just like sharchop in east, ngalong in west. Pure land like Bhutan, where it’s citizens learn to respect each others coexistence, uncompromised for respect country’s law, having faith and trust in each other, valuing traditions, cultures and customs, should be safeguarded by the international community from the so-called evil, false propogandistic people who called themselves bhutanese refugees. May peace and harmony be found in the world once again.