Thirty thousands resettled in USA


Sometime this week the number of Bhutanese refugees who have departed Nepal for the United States will reach 30,000.  At about the same time, the number of this group to be resettled in any country will reach 35,000.

In a press statement issued by the US Embassy in Kathmandu, it said these two milestones come during the on-going large scale resettlement of Bhutanese refugees to several countries around the world.  “We are gratified, together with our partners, to be able to help turn an unfortunate and often painful situation into something more hopeful for these people – America’s newest residents, whom we welcome with open arms and hearts,” said U.S. Ambassador to Nepal Scott H. DeLisi.  The United States, working with UNHCR, IOM and the other members of the Core Group (Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand and the UK) began resettling Bhutanese refugees in early 2008.

The United States accepts some 75,000 refugees from around the world each year. The Bhutanese resettlement program is currently the third-largest resettlement operation for the United States. Bhutanese refugees have been resettled in all 50 States and receive support from U.S. federal and state governments as well as non-governmental organizations.

The statement further said that the U.S. is committed to accepting as many of the Bhutanese whom UNHCR refers to them for consideration in Nepal and who meet the requirements of U.S. law for refugee admission.

According to the statement, the U.S. continues to urge the Government of Bhutan to accept the return of those persons who are eligible and wish to do so as another important component of finding durable solutions for all Bhutanese refugees in Nepal.


  1. Indeed this is a milestone and history that Bhutanese will create for generations in USA. 35000 Vietnamese have created so much of history and contribution to USA, our people will not let the US people and government down. The only challenge is how we do not forget the motherland and look into inclusive participation with Bhutan. Lets hope in years to come, the bitter past between resettled Bhutanese and general public of Bhutan will develop in to everlasting bond and friendship.
    Together with USA and Bhutan we may be able to bring a difference in the thinking of few oldies in Bhutan.

    Thank you USA for your open heart and brave move to change the history and give the bhutanese people this opportunity.

  2. @ Parsu: There is no “bitter past between resettled Bhutanese and general public of Bhutan.” There was, and still is, a huge amount of resentment (on the part of both refugees as well as general public inside Bhutan)against the chors, dakas and murderers who made across the border raids in 1988-1990 and killed innocent people across the border inside Bhutan as well as in the camps in India, all in the name of the ‘movement’. They are few and far between and most of them have now succumbed to TB and other sicknesses.

    Then there is a huge amount of resentment against the zealous government employees (some of them mondals, baidaars, dungpas, dzongdas, army personnels, police and members of the militia groups) who killed, tortured, harassed and eventually evicted the refugees. There is, naturally a huge amount of resentment against the evil King, his coterie and his government who encouraged, participated in, tortured people and ultimately denied the eviction. There is new resentment against sly evil people like Nandalal Rai and Thakur Singh who have been traitors to the cause, not so much in not assisting the refugees but in actively posing as the face of an ‘inclusive, racially and ethnically diverse, nice, democratic, tolerant’ Bhutanese polity (which of course is a farce) and for denouncing the refugees’ claim more actively than the other members of the government.

    But, no, we resettled Bhutanese have no issues, past or present with the general public in Bhutan. We will always have problems with the agents of the government who try to derail our lives even here in our new homes. We always wish good to the general innocent victims of opporession inside the country.